Moon Phases 101

An Interview with Blue Russ

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Welcome to a different kind of episode this week. First of all, I want to thank you so much for tuning in for listening, for sharing with me along the way, what has impacted you about these interviews, it has been so much fun to get to know for the first time or at another level, the women that I’ve interviewed, and I just love imagining you, dear listener, soaking it in gleaming, gleaning rather little bits, little gems for your own life, maybe opening up some possibility, these interviews have certainly done that for me. Today, as I mentioned, it’s a little bit different. Today, it’s just me, just me and you. And I invite you to grab a cup of tea or imagine doing so maybe you light a candle, just something cozy. Right now, we are in the midst of autumn, if you’re listening to this in real time, and it is this time of sort of going within of curling up of reflecting, of really drawing within ourselves and tuning more into intuition, feeling a little more reflective. Wanting to connect more deeply within our households within our family, whether that’s our blood, family, or chosen family. And it’s also a time dear listener, that I am feeling that and feeling the need to withdraw, go within Take, take a break from these interviews. I’ll be back, not worry not to worry. And I still have so many women that I pinning down dates to interview them, because I just want to keep doing this. But I have learned something. And that’s really why I wanted to record just an episode you and me right here. Because I want to share with you something that has really unlocked so much in my life that has helped me navigate so many challenges. And we have all had them in general. And I think especially these last couple of years, right collectively. And something that has really helped me and supported me so much. And if you know me, you’re not going to be surprised by this at all, is the phases of the moon. For me, this is a way of tapping into my own natural rhythm, my own sense of my human self as part of nature. And it’s something that has profoundly affected my clients, my friends, sort of anyone who will hear me out about it. And maybe you after you listen to this as well. Let me start by just saying this is can be as simple or as complex and interesting and deep as you would like it to go. You may already be working with the moon phases, and ready for another level. I would love to connect with you and go deeper on this. But for today, I want to just share with you some some simple things that I do, and an invitation for you to try this on as well. And especially this season is such a beautiful time, as I say to go within and to try some more reflective kinds of practices. It really is a way of clarifying what your path is, what is your path of your own. All right, so I’m gonna I want to give an overview of the moon phases. Technically, the moon is in a slightly different phase every day of the month. But for simplicity, I’m a big fan of simplicity. I like to work with four main phases, they feel distinct enough from one another and it feels like just often enough for me to be tuning in without being overwhelmed or I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to start a daily habit for me to stick with it for any length of time but this one I’ve stuck to for many years because it just feels so simple and useful. Okay,

Here we go. So the four phases are the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon, and the third quarter. If you’re listening to this episode, right when it comes out, then likely it is New Moon time, or we’re getting close. So we’ll start there. A New Moon is very internal. This is a time

for a really clear yes and no. Like the things that maybe you can usually put up with,

not anymore. Right? It’s maybe the things that mildly, were irritating or just like, really problematic at this point. And that’s because this is a really clear time of distinction of discernment. And it’s also a really good time for resting, your energy, maybe lower. It’s a beautiful time to connect in to your intuition, to reflect to do some journaling, perhaps. And also a brilliant time to set an intention. Right, this is a time when you’re really real with yourself. So this is a time I like to write down my intentions for the month. There’s something about pen and paper. For me, that’s really powerful. And then, next week, we’ll be coming into the first quarter. So we’re starting to see the moon a little more of the moon. And this is a time of starting to come out right starting to like come out of that shell, there’s a there may be a burst of creativity, there’s a sense of more hopefulness. This is a wonderful time to make plans to. Like maybe you set those intentions, but now you’re making practical plans as you’re ready to go out and implement them. This may be also a good time to set yourself up with some kind of mantra or reminder of kind of this open possibility, feeling that you have at this time. Sort of like the fog is lifting. Alright, I’m going to pause right here, there’s two more phases. But I want to pause right here and just say that you may not have this exact experience at these exact phases of the moon, I want to acknowledge that there are going to be different circumstances. And you may experience the phases quite differently, you might feel them in an opposite order, in a different kind of order, or in a totally different way. And it’s all good, you’re not doing anything wrong. The point of this is really to support you can connecting to your own rhythm cycles, and create your own rituals that support those so you can really work with yourself and instead of against yourself, working with yourself. That is I think the biggest thing about working with these phases. It’s a way to acknowledge that we are not the same at every moment. And in fact, if you are a woman, if you were raised as a woman or identify as a woman, then it is likely that your hormonal changes are primarily cycling through a 28 day period. Right for most men, it’s a 24 hour period. Gee, I wonder why we have a 24 hour schedule. Right? It’s wild, we’re expected to sort of be the same every day and this is a primary hormonal cycle. Of course, we are all affected by the sun and the moon and more elements than that too. But primarily we as women. It’s a 28 day cycle for us. Okay. Moving on. Full Moon will come about a week after that. And the full moon is really like, like you imagine it the moon Bright, this is a great time to celebrate, to really honor yourself to check in as well to see, gosh, how are those intentions going? What are you ready to recommit to what doesn’t really align after all, now that you’re in it, this is a time when we tend to feel the most confidence and generosity can really connect with abundance, which is our nature,

this may be a good time to reach out to an old friend to have a difficult conversation to ask for a raise or money. Right, this is a time when you’re kind of in your element. And by the way, society currently celebrates this phase the most, and in fact, expects humans to be in this phase at all times. This is like the phase, the phase that we tend to see on social media and out in the world. And if we’re just looking from the outside, we might just only see someone’s Full Moon experience. So it’s really important to acknowledge that you have this too. And that it is an ebb and a flow. Right. So we’re not meant to be in this outward, celebratory space at all times. There’s not a lot of learning and growth in that in being in any one stage forever, right. Beautiful. So dancing under the full moon, really reveling in this, yeah. I invite you to do that. Alright, and then finally, we come back around, we’re starting to be internal again in the third quarter. And this is where you might have those doubts creeping up those old mind tapes, right, you know, the old doubts and insecurities might crop themselves up and show themselves again. And this is actually a really great time to gain fresh perspective to set boundaries to make changes, right, this is a time when you’re questioning a lot of things. So that’s good, it’s good to question to assess to kind of see where you are. And that’s easily done with third quarter moon. This also to help through this time, this can be a hard time, right, there’s not a lot of support for this time, this might be a good time to reconnect with that mantra, or that anchor that you set for yourself during the first quarter, a couple of weeks back. All right, beautiful, and then we’re back into the new moon. That’s it, these four phases have been so profound, and helping me honor myself and my rhythms. And like I said the same for my clients, and friends. It’s been wonderful to work with these. And as you can imagine, these also reflect other phases, like the seasons. New Moon is sort of like winter, first quarter coming out spring time, full moon, Summer, third quarter fall or autumn. These can also reflect different phases of life, the menstrual phases, there’s, there’s really a lot of parallels here that you can see, and then they may intersect. And if you really want to have fun with this, you can bring in astrology. And notice that under each new moon, there may be a different set of stars. And even within that there’s a cycle where each phase of the moon and the stars align. I think it’s every 18 months or something like that. So, so interesting. Beautiful, so because we’re in this new moon and in the thick of fall, sort of third quarter energy. If you’re feeling really internal, then I invite you to honor that against all sort of societal support, do what you can to honor that. Not all of us can just go away into nature in a cave and meditate, nor is that desirable for all of us. But any little thing, and I want to highlight this part, any little thing that you do, even if it’s a small thing that you do during one phase each month can really be profound. It can really help you connect in, determine your rhythm. And stop expecting yourself to be a certain way all the time. I know that’s what it’s done for me. So along those lines, as I’ve been working with the moon,

I’ve gotten really clear that I need some internal time, I need to hit pause on this podcast for a little while. Because I really want to show up authentically excited to do these interviews and to share them with you. And I know that I will feel that again. And right now I’m starting to not feel that. So I’m going to honor that. And I hope that this will spark a path for you in which it’s okay to take a break. It’s okay to hit pause. It’s okay to honor your rhythm and to walk on your path. Even if that means sitting on the side of the past for a while while you ponder where to go next. Thank you so much for being here. And I hope that you will enjoy this cozy resting time. If any part of you feels like reaching out, you feel inspired to do so I love to hear from you. And I would welcome a message in our path of her own community. Or even send me an email or a message you can find me online. Alright my friends, thank you so much for being here. Enjoy this cozy fall and winter time. I will see you soon