Birthing Babies and Businesses

An Interview with Sascha Schlossberg

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I’m here with Sasha Schlossberg and she is the founder of unconventionally wealthy. I love this. She’s a social media consultant. And her platform was built to normalize wealth in underrepresented populations. She also lives in Arizona, like I do. So hello, neighbor. And she runs her business in her home in Phoenix, along with her husband, Jonathan. And amazingly, they run this amazing business and also homeschool for children under the age of six. Right now. Netflix is their friend right away, but they have dates, as well. Welcome Sasha.


Hello, thank you.


I love it. So did you. Did you ever think you would be doing what you’re doing? Like the whole thing? Like your your life?


Honestly, yes. God, I don’t think I didn’t really think about the logistics. psyche. Yeah, no work for myself, and have lots of kids and it’s all gonna work. And then it’s like, oh, wait a minute. Now I see why people don’t do this. Because there’s a lot that goes into it and constantly, like, how do you make it all work? And what works is always shifting. Hmm.


I love it. So you, you knew how early Did you know that you want it to run your own business.


So when we were little, I was little and we would move I would set up like a little box and make a little business and then try to have my whole family come visit it. So it’s always been something that interested me. I’m always I’m literally the person I am now. I’ve been the exact same person since I was a tiny little kid. So it’s all just like very Oh, well, it’s no surprise that she’s always been like that. The only difference is learning to as an adult, embrace all the things and not and really, like seek those things out. Because all the answers were already there. Huh? Yeah, but it was well, it was all very clear.




Yeah, I think so. Yeah. So so you you’ve had clarity around this for a long time, but sort of the evolution of that, and what that involves, like, you’re learning as you go.


Yeah. Yeah, because it for a long time. It was the idea of wanting to have a business but not having anything to sell like that was I was like, Well, where’s my like, I want an idea like so there was a lot of there was a long time of that and wanting to have an idea of what I could sell Not knowing that I could sell my skills, my my brain not knowing that I already had enough. So for me, it ended up being this weird journey of working for others and learning all these skills. And then I realized that the skills that I acquired people need it. So as part of it, it’s like, Can I have a shortcut that process? And I don’t know, I don’t know the answer to that one.


Yeah, well, what are what are the skills?


Sounds, I don’t know why I place judgment on I guess we all place judgment, maybe on our skills, but the idea that I can generate leads new business for literally any business at all. Um, but I didn’t know it was a skill, as most people with that skill set, flip around and just begin selling. Make Money Online, which most people that buy that don’t make money online, so they’re selling their skills to no impact, and not really serving anybody. It doesn’t feel like a good integrity move. So it’s like, well, I have these skills, but I don’t want to use it. And what I thought was a one way people use them. So I felt very stuck. Hmm. Yeah.


Yeah, that makes sense. So the, the examples of sort of how other people are doing that is like, out of integrity.


Very much. So. Yeah.


So how, how is it that you? What, what makes you different? Like, how do you approach that with integrity? Oh, so


essentially, once we finally, you know, for a long time, because I’m not from the world of coaching. I would see ads for coaches, but I didn’t understand it. I didn’t know what they were, I was like, I’m good. I like I don’t need that I just didn’t get it. Life Coach sounded very silly to me. Like I’m doing good at life. I’m cool. So what once I found a coach, we long story, but we found ourselves with an agency we were we created our own agency, because that’s something we were told that it could do with our skill set. And I wanted to grow it from six to seven figures. And I figured out that I couldn’t do it on my own, I needed help. So when I hired my first business coach, and I was in a space with all these other women, the thing that they were all struggling with, which is how to generate leads for their business, what should they do for their lead magnets, their opt ins, their content strategy, that’s literally the easiest thing in the world for me. And so when I was in the space of all these people with a need that I could totally fill, I was like, Oh, I’m going to create a program around this. Um, and so and that’s the nice thing is, is I don’t have any, I mean, our clients have been this really wide ranging, grief coach, business coach for musicians, um, Facebook ads person to like this really cryptocurrency CML, like, there’s a really wide array of people, but they’re all doing cool things in the world. And so, so I, I’m able to serve people without that icky like snake that eats its own tail feeling. Like I know that my work is actually spreading the message of people that need it that are doing cool things. So now I have something that I’m able to to show up and sell with integrity. I love that.


Yeah. Yeah. Isn’t that the best when you when you’re what you’re doing contributes to, like, contribute to work.


Yes, exactly. And for us to be able to go Okay, like this person has a skill set, they have a gap, we can help fill that gap. They can make money and then we can create this really grand ripple because we know that that everybody needs more money. Like I don’t know, do we know anybody that doesn’t? I couldn’t do really cool things with more money. No, everybody could do more with more money so like let’s help them


do that. Yeah, I haven’t encountered anyone if you’re listening let us know.


person can’t be like yeah,


I’m good. I’m good. I’m solid. And


I and I did I did read somewhere that and I’ve heard that there are people it’s so funny. I’m like I read this there are some people that aren’t motivated by more that don’t want more money that there and that is really cool. Um, but for the people that do want more and want to make more like let’s Why do we have to feel guilty or shame about that? Because there’s a lot of that too. So it’s like no, let’s Okay, if you want to make more money, like embrace it, come to me, let’s let’s discuss this. Let’s discuss all of the things and grow the business for that.


Mm hmm. Yeah, I mean, really, you know, money and I, we could have a whole talk about me We’ll we might end up just talking about money I love talking about, and I used to really not want to talk about money, I had a lot of like, a lot of ideas about money and wealth and what that means and yeah, it’s wrong or that it means you’re taking from other people and, and now it’s my, it’s my favorite topic to like teach and lose money.


It’s interesting, I was talking to one of my siblings about this, because they have, you know, I’ll say, I don’t have any in person or I have not had any close working relationships to this point with billionaires, one of my siblings has, and the couple of billionaires that they’ve personally been around, um, they have a really negative view of some of the things that have that they’ve seen that have come out of their mouth. And I think that’s really, I think it’s important for us to have those conversations, but then also so that we can go because there are like, there’s amazing billionaires like Sara Blakely. Like the idea that yes, you can actually because people are like, Oh, the world shouldn’t have billionaires. I don’t have an opinion on that Converse on that topic at all, except to say that there are billionaires that are doing great things in the world. And, yeah, I mean, if I guess if you got rid of billionaires you could have, well, this is now assuming that there’s a limited amount of money, right? So if we’re going to assume there’s a limited amount of money, and we’re going to get rid of billionaires, then yes, we could have lots of people with a lot more money. But if we’re going to assume that there isn’t a cap on the amount of money that we can have, then why not create more billionaires that are doing amazing things like Sara Blakely, it’s Hmm, so maybe I’m a little bit optimistic or naive in my perception of what we can do with money. Um, but that’s, that’s my thought on it. It’s like, yeah, let’s let’s empower more people to have more. Instead of worrying about the people that aren’t doing right with theirs.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I love that. And really, it’s because it is a it’s a money, I think just gives us more opportunity to do more of whatever we want to do. So yeah, if I’m someone who’s like, I just want to be more selfish and greedy. And that’s what I’ll do. There. I have $1 or a billion of them.


Yes, yes. You’re gonna be miserly with your 50 cents too. You know that the energy is the energy. Right?


Right. So I think what I’m hearing you say is that it’s, it’s more about having more conscious humans with resources, and an amount of money, like capping and amount of money arbitrarily.


Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I’m curious about too, if you think about Generally, people that are miserly or that are focused on keeping their 50 cents like I don’t know how they would go and become a billionaire. Because I would think that that requires just not require such a strange, like, how can you be in a place of construction? And yet, then make billions? I don’t that one? I don’t know.


Yeah. Yeah, I would, I would imagine it would involve some risk taking along the way.


Yeah, I’m actually


I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll find out.


Right? Maybe somebody has the answer, please, please contact me and tell me because I’m going to worry about this one forever. But how’s that even possible? Maybe you have maybe it’s a very unique belief structure. that defies like the laws of everything right?


I don’t know.


Interesting that


now we’ll take a meditation break. I don’t know.


Oh, yeah. Yeah, it’s funny. I also just one of the things you mentioned is how you thought like when it coaching I don’t need coaching. What’s that? Because I thought the same thing like, the first time I met a life coach, I had to like not laugh, because that was it. I was like, Really? That’s the thing. That’s like, that’s the job. Like, that’s ridiculous.


Like, how bad Are you at life to need a life coach?




yeah. And then here I am. doing you know, you know, be careful what you laugh at.


I know everything I’ve laughed at or said I would never do going Man is doing CrossFit I’ve ended up so now I just don’t say I won’t do anything because I know if I do I’m gonna do it at some point so I think I’ve I think I’ve become I think I’ve accomplished or done all the things that I would made fun of knock on wood I’m like Are there any I missed yeah probably like boudoir photos I’m just defending everybody now I’m sorry


all right well be on the lookout for when you’ve had your shooting


I know Oh no, here comes my underwear photos


Yeah, yeah, I will I’ll say I also had kind of an idea about that same thing and then I did them and it was super empowering like super empowering yeah yeah well I you know I don’t know how you feel about your body if we want to go down this road but I just like when I was in college I recognized how much I disliked my body how uncomfortable I felt in my skin and and i don’t know what i didn’t even have a life coach to guide me in this right but I can just have this thought like well what what’s something like like when you have when you’re at there’s something that makes you uncomfortable like what’s one way to work through it and and so I signed up to be a nude model for art classes. I was like awesome if I can sit naked in front of a bunch of my art student peers then I can I’ll be out in the world and not worry. You know what I mean? Yeah, and it absolutely worked. It was


like what years were you in college?


I was in caught let’s see. That would have been probably 98 or 99


yeah i mean that’s the thing is that was like Britney Spears Spears era like the the the physical like the physical what was ideal was really specific. Yeah, and really hard to attain. Yeah, like now it’s I think that there’s so much more I could be wrong but I think there’s so much more freedom now in diversity of body types and whole body acceptance movement none of that existed It was like you either had ABS or you your body wasn’t you know it wasn’t up to par and now it’s i think that that that timeframe it was yeah what was ideal was you know, Victoria’s Secret models It was like the bar was really impossible. Mm hmm




I think it’s it still runs pretty deep I see that in my my daughter who’s coming into her teenage years but yeah, and even within myself which is why I did the duar thing is like because then now I have this middle aged body and like what how do I how do I embrace her you know and so the


same those same questions Yeah, like I have a mom tell me which I knew is genetic I knew would happen and then it’s so do you do I get it but in my boobs are fake right so but I’ve been nursing thing so they look very real now. Like someday do I get that when I get them removed? Do I get new ones? Do I get them lifted? Like something will have to happen I have implants in there and they’re now eight years old right? So do you and so something’s going to happen there either way but I’ve had the chat through with my husband in regards to my stomach It’s like my I think my my mom did her best to acceptors but I would see you pick up on the things like of her making sure her shirt her stomach was covered and times obviously were different mom they weren’t moms won’t showing their stomachs at all, but it was like I could tell that she felt it needed to be covered right? So I’m like, is it do i do x and obviously lower low waisted jeans were in then it’s not like now or my jeans go pretty much up to my armpits like nobody’s gonna see my stomach either way, but like still what’s the better move to accepted entirely to do the work to try to accept it something that you know is ingrained the idea that must be covered? Or do I if I did my boobs Do you also like flatten do the tummy tuck or whatever make the skin smooth and now it’s no longer a thing? What’s the better example what’s the personally I would much rather just figure out how to accept it and then there’s but there’s also the idea of it’s like each our kids are a mixture of our genetics so there’s no telling that if my girls get choose to have children are able to have children is their skinny begin to do it either way, like ultimately, what am I modeling? What am I showing them? It’s all a bigger, bigger conversation. I now


Yeah, so many layers.




Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s I do not have answers to


  1. It is a it is an interesting. Yeah, time, like you say things are shifting. And there is this movement, which I so appreciate, like, embracing all the bodies and the beauties of different shapes and sizes and colors of bodies like that’s absolutely needs to happen. That’s a shift, often. Yeah. And kind of like, how do we parse that out from? You know, just like, we’ve had generations of story about bodies? And then how to how are we making truly conscious choices about our own bodies? Like, am I making this choice? Because of like, my mom’s voice? Or what I observed her do? Or am I making this choice? Like, is this a truly liberated choice? Right? Because definitely, exactly. I know, women who’ve made all kinds of different choices from one another. And they, they can be equally liberatory or not.


Like, that’s, yeah, like, like the boob topic I go, what I have, because I right before I got my boobs, and then not long after I got engaged, I got married. And then essentially, since pretty much after my boobs were healed, I’ve been breastfeeding. So would I guess it’s impossible to know, like, what I have still gotten them. I don’t know. But now I’m like, I have such a different viewpoint of my body, the role my body has served and all of those things where I’m like, you know, I still don’t I still don’t know what I’ve made the same choice. I don’t know, because I’ve been able to now have boobs for all this time that I could choose what I go without them. But if prior although Mel, it’s a funny thing, because we’re talking about the idea of having a lack in regards to a body part. But like, if I didn’t have them before, what I still want them. I don’t know. But it’s going to be I’ll make that decision again, eventually. And I don’t know. But when I think about like, at this point, if I think about my stomach, I go. No, like honestly, I don’t really mind. I don’t really mind my mom taught me. It’s more like the fact that I’m able to still go and run after four kids. I can go running that itself is a feat. So those without like, my leg parts trying to feel like they’re falling out to be clear, like, the fact that I can run despite that is something that plenty of people can’t do. So like does it really matter? Like No, I still I see like the physical feats that are truly possible. And the idea of going under the knife and collectively for me, like


doesn’t really matter. Mm hmm.


Yeah. What what do you what has shifted for you? When you think about like, pre kids you mentioned like you You feel differently now. What is different?


It’s interesting, I’m thinking about it because on one hand, it’s like I think seeing i think that i was very susceptible to like body perfectionism prior to kits, without seeing the some of the utility of the body. Yeah. So being able to actually watch my body and experience do these crazy things grow massively and then still, like I say, get into shape. But for me, that means to be able to go and workout again, which is something that’s really a part of me to be able to do those things are get through and all the like, and my pregnancies are incapacitating. So for me to go from completely sedentary to being able to run again, and like physical therapy and all the things I have a better viewpoint of, of what’s really possible and I think what really matters.


Yeah. Yeah. That’s,


that’s great. Yeah, I definitely think how having kids helped me really appreciate my body in a whole new at a whole new level. For sure,


and part of me wonders to for people who don’t have kids or haven’t been able to or don’t want to, do you still gain I would imagine, I mean, I think that’s got to be part of the journey of your 30s. Either way, perhaps, is the body acceptance? Maybe? I don’t know.


Yeah, I mean, I think our bodies do change, like, it’s a natural thing for bodies, all bodies to change and to age and, and also to adapt to like, what’s happening, you know, so I think I’ve read something about in this this year of COVID. That, like, just there are so many people, I don’t remember the percentage I read this a while ago, but something about like, people who, like a lot of people gained 15 to 20 pounds who maybe never had before or in addition to or, you know, what there was this kind of like, almost this like, pretty even number like across wide populations. And they were just looking at, like, how the body protects itself. And so we’ve all been under this stressful situation, isolating from each other. The lots of unknown, right? And so the body kind of prepares like, well, that unknown might be that we won’t have food for a while. So like, let’s pack it away, you know, without necessarily altering a lot of what we’re doing. Fascinating, though. Interesting, right? It’s like, Oh, so it’s actually the wisdom it can be right? There’s Yeah, that’s right. Like, we we don’t live in just like a natural world. Hard to say, what’s what’s truly natural for us, but, but it does strike me that there are reasons that the body changes or expands or contracts or, you know, yeah,


yeah, that’s, it’s I went straight to there have a baby stage of the pandemic. So I definitely


forgot COVID puppies. Yeah, exactly.


There was if there were the stages, people started with bread, but I started with a baby. So I’m working on bread. Now, by the way, I’m proofing gluten free sourdough, and I’ve pretty sure I’ve already screwed it up. But I’m gonna try to put it in the oven. Anyway, I think I happen to pick the most complicated recipe ever. It involves like three phases of baking proofing on the counter, and then in the, I don’t know what I’m looking for. But I was supposed to leave it out on the counter for like, eight hours, and I forgot it overnight. Like, no, I’ve already I’ve already ruined my bread, which everybody else ruined their bread a year and a half ago.


Well, then perhaps there’s some bread coaches,


I was literally thinking like this on Facebook and ask if somebody can help you. But not only is it sourdough, it’s gluten free, and every flower is different.


someone out there can help you. I’m certain. Alright,


I have to post and get some help. Make sure my bread is edible.


Awesome. Awesome. Well, I am. I’m curious about a couple things about your life and one is how So what are some ways that you do balance all the things? I’m sure that I don’t know about you. But I definitely meet people who are like, I want to start a business or I want to expand a business but I’m having a baby or but I’ve had you know, which is like sometimes Yeah, like, you got to honor your bandwidth and there can be creative ways to do it.


Okay, so I’m going to think about like, if if somebody was for anybody who’s like, I don’t want to do it, but I’m pretty sure we’ve done it despite all of the butts. So cuz that’s just like my pregnancies. I spent six weeks throwing up or sedated for six weeks, like don’t function for the first six weeks. Then I’m in physical therapy because I have terrible pubic symphysis which means it’s a stabbing pain, like right in the mons pubis area hurts the walk the whole thing. Um, so that’s how each pregnancy is. I’ve lost my job during two of my pregnancies. Um, my husband and I worked together. So we’ve had to launch businesses with no savings just continuing to accumulate debt while having babies. Like, could you add to the stress level? I’m sure you could. But for us, our perceived stress levels have been very high during those times, so yeah, it none of our business growth was a Oh, okay, this like, I’m going to build the side hustle while I had a job and then replaced my end, like none of that. So. So I would say the biggest thing, like I’m a really avid learner, so I could learn all the things, but that also proved to our detriment. To a degree, because eventually it becomes, we waited too long to hire coaches. Um, but it was also a matter of finding the right one. Because what I would probably wish I’d known in advance, and I have a really good ability to read people. And so and a lot of faith in myself, because obviously, every investment a coach is really an investment ourselves, do we trust, we’re going to get something through it right. But to be able to know, first off what I’m paying them for? And I don’t mean deliverables? I mean, am I paying them to learn their system, or my paying for them to walk me through a transformation? Even if it’s just listening to me for six months? Like, it doesn’t have to be a massive transformation? Like, are they holding me accountable? Are they mirroring, but it doesn’t matter? Just which thing Am I getting? Because if I’m paying for somebody system, if I don’t have a full values, alignment with them, and how they run their life, odds are the system’s not going to work for me. And that’s okay, because I’ve spent 1000s, to learn part of somebody’s system that I’m gonna, that I’m going to borrow, right? But to know, like, which thing am I paying for? And then how can it fit into what my needs are, and then to be able to back up and go, what’s the thing that I need? So like, where we are now, is we don’t need anybody for strategy strategy is our jam. And we have the confidence to know that we can guide ourselves. But what we do need as our business is we’re both very creative and like, creative. So there are no systems, so and then for us, it’s knowing what kind of systems we need. We thought that we needed to do like tech systems, we don’t need that, what we need to just process it’s, so we’ve, we’re working one on one with somebody who’s going to give us processes for all of the things so that our team can support us better, because we have a great team. We love them, but they’re creative, too. So they’re like, how can we help and we’re like, we don’t know. It’s a great environment for everybody. But for a systems person who’s like, all processes should lead to profit, we’re just leaving a ton of money on the table. So for us to know that piece, and then know how to fill the piece.


So for people to back up, and know what issue needs being filled, and then wait for that person to appear, or to ask for referrals makes it less susceptible to because I think a lot of people are get scared of like they get scared of a large investment. But you you’re not scared of the large investment if you really know how it’s gonna fit into your life. And I’ll also say where we’re like we we’re not, we’re not paying anybody for strategy. At this point, we have what we pay a lot for mindset support. Hmm, we have a financial coach together, my husband, I each we have, we work with the same mindset coach, but we work with her separately. And then we work with a leadership coach so that we can like lead each other lead our team. So we’re really, really heavily supported on the mindset piece, because that the business rises and falls on our ability to function through all the things and maintain our own stress responses. And because everything with four little kids, and everything is all so it’s always something falling apart. And so most people think they go, Oh, I’ll start this when this thing calms down. But if there’s one thing I’ve seen is that there’s always something like before we started this, we have moved a ladder out of the background, like we moved two weeks ago. And then last week we had a I went we traveled for like our first flight and three years was four, I went to a mastermind. So like there’s always always always more and then you know you’re gone and you get an email that the kids have crazy sock day. So we found somebody else to homeschool the kids, but it’s like on a regular school schedule only three days a week but now they do those things like crazy suck day and tie dye day so I’m in the airport, ordering socks off Amazon to make sure that they have their crazy socks like it’s, it’s if anybody’s waiting for things to calm down, then they’ll never they’ll never make a difference. And then their grand. I don’t know their grand adventure is sitting on the sofa for life.


Yeah. Oh, so well said. Yeah, I love that. It’s really like, don’t wait for the right moment. I mean, how often do we say that to ourselves or I hear people say that all the time. like wow The timing, isn’t it after this big event after that, yeah, you’re so right, there will be another one. I read also somewhere that we can humans, like we can only think in specific detail for about three months into the future. Like we can plan, like specific things and predict certain, you know, of course, anything can happen, but, but we can think ahead that far, and then beyond that will get kind of fuzzy. So I think everyone has this idea, like, I’m going to be less busy in six months.


Yes, yes, that’s something that I noticed. So when we very first started out in, in the world of trying to be in business for ourselves, who are actors in LA. So we started in the world of multilevel marketing, we’re going to do real estate, every all actors either do real estate or become Pilates instructors. We want to real estate. We’re like a couple of exams in and we got invited to a network marketing party by a casting director. And so it was like casting agents for an actor’s that’s like cabinet rolling done, we’ll do this. Sure. And that was a one of the one of the objections that we would get is like, oh, in a couple months, I have this thing. And that’s the biggest thing I saw is that people’s lives tend to go in three month chunks. And like, every three months, there’s always something that shifts like always, not necessarily in their life, but it’s like some maybe it’s a family member, maybe it’s their have to move, maybe it’s the start some health Pro, like it doesn’t matter. every three months, people’s lives tend to shift. So I think it’s interesting that that’s something that I noticed and then when you’re saying that people can only picture three months out, but I think without people realizing that that there’s like a quarterly shift just naturally in their lives. It can be very easy to go Oh, in just a couple of months, but they don’t realize something else will happen every time every


time. Yeah, like you will. You might not be busy with the same things but there’ll be something else and then the another big piece I heard you say is support having support so this idea that like somehow you are Superwoman and you’re just figuring everything out on your own on your own and taking care of all the things and making sure that kids have the right socks like the all 100% of that is you is like that’s not true that’s not possible that’s


no no throw that


out the window yeah


no no no also being really clear about what is the support that you need next yes not just kind of being at the whim of like people promising you that if he they’ve got a system that’s going to work or they’ve got the secret million dollar life or whatever it is like you know that sounds lucrative to you it’s like just really assessing honestly assessing your own self and going okay where where where are the gaps? And where my What am I missing? What am I not great at what’s really not my genius and I need some support around that.


Yeah, and knowing to like what’s not what’s not your genius and what things do you just maybe not even need to worry about? Some things because sometimes I think we’ve been guilty of trying to solve things and going Oh, no, that’s actually not a big deal. Like I’m business example would be going oh well systems aren’t our jam and going well we actually don’t need the systems what we need to do is like is having people around you that can go that’s actually not the weak spot at all. Because sometimes we can be wrong on what our own weak spot is for us it’s that we’re generating leads just fine. But there is no for us it’s like people anybody who’s booked on our calendars just booked on our calendar, but anybody that hasn’t if they’re not being cultivated, like people who express interest there’s so much there still that we haven’t touched. So instead of being like no, you don’t actually have to create something new. No, you also don’t need like all these tech systems. Just cultivate this piece like those can be the things but the same thing on the on the family side is going first off the idea that everything’s always going to be squared away isn’t gonna work because the kids their life shift every three months to me so you know, somebody has a new thing that we’re dealing with two of them are teething, like it’s all whatever, there’s always all the different things. And by teething I mean like even the bigger ones losing teeth are one of them. Like I have a second key number with sharp teeth. I didn’t even like when their baby teeth grow in right behind their adult teeth. Oh two of the kids.


Oh wow.


Yeah, I didn’t even know it’s a thing and now the second one doing it. So like there’s always you know, make sure they’re wiggling your teeth, all the different things that are happening, but going with Do we really want to help? What if, because we thought we needed a nanny, and we’ve had nannies at different times. But when it came down to it, we’re like, No, actually, if we have somebody who can do the food prep, because there’s a lot of food that needs to be eaten, there’s six people eating food. So if we have somebody who does the food prep, and we have somebody that comes in and does the laundry, and does the tidying, and the errands, and the projects, those are two people, and then three of the kids, three of the four kids go to this amazing homeschool three days a week. Then the other days, we’re fine to tag team, the kids, if one of us has a call fine. But we don’t actually need a nanny. We don’t the kids do better with structure and not with a bunch of people. There are smart kids too. So they’ll run circles around somebody. And so then it takes a lot more work of me trying to explain to them, no, they need to listen. And like, I’ll just we can parent the kids ourselves. But we just need help with some of the house stuff. So but that’s been a really big learning process. Because initially, two years ago, we had a part time nanny. And so she, she kept she helped with the kids. And it was me and her. And then it was like, oh, there’s more work than we can do. But so there’s been a huge amount of trial and error in the hiring of like, what do we possibly need in? In the house? I’m going like, Do you need a house manager that manages all the things? No, I can manage a fine. I just need really qualified people in very specific task roles. And then for us, like, before we had kids, we could have a cleaning team come every three weeks, then we had kids and it was every two weeks. And now that we have four of them this little, it’s no actually we need once a week cleaning of everything. I mean, we have kids that are potty training and such like


yeah, yeah, yeah. I love that just really listening for, okay, what is it that you want? And what is the support that’s going to support what do you want, and then also letting that evolve? Right, so yeah, my ears are gonna shift as you have a new child or as your child is going through a different phase or you are or your businesses are all


and what works for your family might shift for us doing. For us, we have two babysitters. And so one of them we have one that comes each day, like three or four days a week, from like three till six, just we have extra hands last night, after dinner, I got our baby down. And then Jonathan and I sat outside on the back patio, and the babysitter and the kids played tag. And so we were able to just like sit there and chill and not run. It was like so and because we have a tape like to babysitters, then we can have date nights and and that sort of thing. So, like, so we feel supported. But we’re also not handing over control or parenting It feels like support versus outsourcing of parenting, or family time.


Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So the kind of support that really supports your priorities, your vows, and that’s going to look different than someone else’s priorities and values. And yeah, I love that. And also I just, I heard in there and I would encourage anyone listening to think about like, what are the creative ways to to get that support? You know, it might be you’re in a place to hire a bunch of people but you’re hesitant to do that, even though it would really help you make more money, right? Yeah, or maybe you’re just starting out and you’re not sure I’ll say I I live in community with another family and so one of the things that we’ve done is we have rotating and all of our kids are are in that age where they can help so they’re from age 10 to 15 so we’re in a different way of life and so they they like they work the households so we have like rotating chores and rotating who’s in charge of meals and we also have chickens and so there’s like gardens and chickens to take care of and you know that so for us it’s a real value that our kids are always like really connected to their own resources and our household and contributing to that so so that for it but that’s going to change right as they get older as they get jobs as they move out. Like that’s gonna shift and I don’t know what that’ll look like yet.


That’s amazing. We have our little guy asked this morning if he could make breakfast for the family. Oh, so I was like cringing, but I said yes, because I’m like he’s gonna climb up Can I get glass bowls? But, but I was like, okay, yes, just, you know, be careful with the bowls. Because yes, that’s the other dance that we do and we’ve considered is like how do we also make sure that they’re that they are picking up after themselves contributing, like all of those responsibilities. So that’s a, those those priorities as well as the things that are factored in if we make the decisions. And I will say to that, most people are probably not going to have four kids ages six and under. Um, you know, it’s like, it’s not I don’t just have a nine month old, I have a nine month old and a two month old and two more. So. So that level of prior to that it was I was really maximizing schedules, food schedules, like I had a food schedule, and I had like one mother’s helper, a teenage girl that would come over every Wednesday, you know, so that was like the first step. It wasn’t like balls in hire everybody. It was only once you’re like, I am hamster wheeling. Like, what? once once I’ve buried, then it would be like, okay, what’s, what’s the next step? Mm hmm. Because people don’t talk about it. You don’t really know. Where do you how do you get help? What help do you need? And if you’re grew up like me, were or my husband where it’s like, your parents did all the things they they didn’t really have date nights, then there’s no guidebook for? You’re like, Huh, what, what do fancy people do? And I feel like, Oh, I don’t need those things, either. Actually, I’ll say, for this, most of this hiring, it’s like babysitters. We usually get referrals from people in the neighborhood, my husband’s checking, like, if there’s a lifeguard that’s nice at the pool, he’ll be like, do you babysit? Or do you have friends that do. So that’s how we’ve gotten or we’ve gotten babysitters from like the gym, daycare, the gym, kids care, asking the ones who seem to like our kids, if they babysit. So we always have great babysitters, and then going on the TaskRabbit app for food prep. And there’s also nanny Facebook groups where you can go and post in for specific, like, for the housekeeper role. Mm hmm. Yeah, those are how we’ve done the hiring because we’ve even tried using an agency to handle the hiring for us. And that never worked out.


Mm hmm.


Those are great tips. Thanks for sharing those. Yeah, yeah, it is. You’re right. It’s not something that is this discussed a lot. And I think, you know, if you really, as far as I can tell, if you really want to run a business, that, that you really thrive in, then and you and you’re having children, right, you need support with that. And that’s if because


plenty of people would just put their kids in daycare, and regular school, and then you have, you know, your 40 hours a week, boom, right? They’re done.




But I tend to chase it, those kinds of things. So


yeah, again, priorities values. Yeah. And, and I love that you’re really a great example of like it can it can be done. Well, thank you sacrifice, your values or your


sanity? That one too, are


very important. Yes. Mental health is very, yes. Yeah. And sort of along the lines of this, like, yeah, we we, you and I, we don’t have models for this. And I know you you work you run a platform, right, for underrepresented folks. Or, yeah, I love this name unconventionally, wealthy. So who who are those folks like? You say,


yeah, so essentially unconventionally, wealthy is the is our umbrella plan so it was kind of we had we started out with this agency holistic made and so that was we built it around a birth center and a chiropractor so we were doing all the things then we decided to niche down to just Facebook ads and SEO which is still technically to hold this very hard to scale. But we were doing Facebook ads and SEO for companies doing good things in the world. So we were called good good marketing good with to us. Um, and then it was like, once we discovered that people needed our ability to grow their business, we created our program, and that’s called the seven figure con mastermind. But it was like, I had the whole as doing visioning exercises, and I had the whole, like our mission statement, come to me. But I was like, what does this have to do with good? Because it was like we create generational multi generational wealth and inspire others to do the same. I’m like, What on earth, but it felt right, but it didn’t feel aligned with good. So then later, but I put it up on the wall, but then later than the idea for unconventionally, well, they came to me. And so that’s the big umbrella. It’s like we can, so we can hold space for creating the conversations, but also, like, what does it look like to generate wealth? And for right this minute, it’s whatever your business is, or your idea, let’s help it generate more money. But ultimately, it’s and we attract women. And people identify as women, and it’s people generally, the people that that we attract, they all have other things in their lives, they have very full busy lives. So it’s like, Okay, how can they create or create more more revenue, with all of that in mind without it feeling forceful or stressful or so so that’s what that space is right now. And I know it’s meant for much larger things. But in some ways, and like I heard a quote recently, at this mastermind, I was out last week, and they said, visions have their own, like their own energy and mission to them as long as you pay attention and follow it. So that’s where I am right now with this, I go, Well, this is I’m following whatever I’m conventionally wealthy is meant to grow into. And but for now, it’s this. That’s the the flagship. And power. I don’t know what the word is. And I feel like holding space generally has like the emotional connotations, but it but it actually really does, because there tends to be so much the mindset piece around what it takes to whether it’s the visibility to be visible in your business and all of those pieces.




I got such a long answer. But it’s funny because it’s just show up and talk about something that isn’t, isn’t thoroughly defined. I think that oftentimes it’s like, you have to have your, you know, very defined, this is the thing, this is what it does. But really, it’s all I feel like everything that I ever have is iterative and constantly developing. And so that’s what that’s what that is.


Yes, yes. I love that. And thank you for that’s perfect. That’s exactly what I’m inviting with this podcast is like, yeah, it is it is iterative. We are exploring, we are creating, co creating as we go, yeah. And we have to be because we’re growing, learning changing. And so is the world and hopefully in some better ways.


Yeah, I mean, if you think about the models that we’re looking at, where we have the idea that has to be regimented, even McDonald’s changes with the times. So I mean, if you’re as big as McDonald’s, and you’re still, you know, realizing the things have to shift here and there. I don’t know why. Any buddy with a smaller business than that would think that we’re supposed to be fully I don’t know what the word is be fully defined and done. Like, I guess there is no done.


Yeah. Yeah. Or like there’s some destination, you know, like you, you’ve reached success with your business and like, you just sit there.


Now we relax.


Yes. Yeah. Oh, my goodness. Well, Sasha, you’re such a delight. And it’s, it’s fun. You know, we we don’t know each other. Well, I think we just got to know each other a little more today. But we’ve been in some we met through some business training that we were both engaged in and I know we’ll continue to, to, you know, learn and grow and cross paths again, perhaps. And it’s so fun that we’re both in Arizona. So that ups the odds,


right now we can actually see


listening who would love to cross paths with you or work with you where, where can they find you.


I would say join the Facebook group. It’s a group dot unconventionally, Awesome.


Awesome. And well, we’ll have links to that and other ways to be in touch with you over out a path of her thank you so much Sasha.


Thank you


Okay, pause there and I just never know where this is gonna go


right we went we talked about mom bodies was not


that was not something I thought we were


but mom bodies billionaires and


and I know this is gonna be the show notes


hiring in your in your house




yeah. Cool well thanks for I love just your your openness to go wherever and share about your personal life.


I know I try not to self does, because I’m like I just you just wet. I was like I try not to self judge because in my head I’m like you’re talking for a really long time about myself, but it’s whatever. Well that’s why you’re here. podcasts are for talking. That’s why


you’re here. And I appreciate that, because I’ve definitely interviewed folks who don’t, they’re more hesitant to talk about, like, share about themselves, and they want to just share about their business and that vision, which is like, Oh, very, you know, that’s cool, too. But I really want this podcast to feel like, like people can really connect to you and, and gain ideas like, Oh, I never considered that option. Yeah, that way of approaching a problem or that way of running a business? Or Oh, maybe I could have that baby I want to have even as I’m running my business or who knows. Yeah. So yeah. So I think it’s really helpful, more personal shares are in these I was what I’m finding is people really connect to the stories, you know, that’s good to know. That’s cool. Yeah. And you can tell right, when you’re listening to a podcast, and you’re just being sold something like,


I don’t listen to that very many, because it’s challenging with the kids. And so Mike. But I was thinking when you said that because my favorite podcasts, which I haven’t listened to forever, Tim Ferriss, because I usually would take really cool notes because he’s deconstructing geniuses. I’m like, Oh, that’s a cool idea. Oh, that’s, you know, yeah. Yeah. But yeah, that’s I do that. If I’m listening to something, I want to be able to collect some cool insights. Mm hmm. Yeah.




Well, do you want to? Is there something else we could talk about for like 10 minutes? Today? Maybe we didn’t touch on you.


Would like to, um, yeah, I’m thinking, okay. We didn’t talk about content at all and contents. Usually my jam. So I’m like, What wouldn’t be


helpful? Yeah. Do you want to just do a couple of like, really helpful? content ideas?


Yeah. Okay. Nice. Yeah. Okay. All right. I’m


back with Sasha slosberg thank you so much for coming back. Staying on for a little bonus. And we were just talking about how we talked so much about your personal life we went from billionaires to mom bodies to hiring, you know, childcare over the place, though. So good. If you haven’t listened to the full episode, I highly recommend it was a blast. And you you have some genius that you’re willing to share with us. So I’d love to hear Yeah, you’re so Sasha is the founder of unconventionally wealthy and is a really specializes I think in in content, social media, bringing in clients. Yeah, business. Yeah.


Yeah. So it’s, it’s a funny thing, because I’ve had a few people recently, like one of my clients was like, so what do you what do you say when you dm people and I was like, I don’t I don’t dm people. She’s like, what? I was like, I don’t have time. She’s like, so your whole program is filled with people that have just gotten onto your calendar. I was like, Yes. And then this this coach that we’re just engaged, she’s like, so she pulls out her little spreadsheet of all the numbers, you know, once you close percentage on your sales calls, how many people when you book show up, and all our numbers are really high, but the numbers end after that. Whereas so we don’t know like, there’s nothing that happens from the vault. We’re not focused on a volume of lead generation or any of those things that people normally are focused on those things and said, We’re like, no, we’re gonna do the content, do the things and then people just appear. Um, so that’s to say Magic that we use to do that is easily taught. That’s what we do in the seven figure content mastermind. And so I figured we could just go over a few things that can help you generate leads via your apps that go over a few things that can help you generate leads via your social content.


Great. Great. So this is especially for those of you who want to generate leads have a business.


Yeah. Yeah, forget leaves is such like a, I don’t know, it feels a very clinical term, it’s just a how to attract the people to your business that you would like to be a part of your world. So one thing and I actually I do, I have a whole resource, it’s 135 plus content ideas, no one else is sharing. So I will give you the link to that is literally people rave about it. And you go through and you fill out all of the different things, and you share these things. So and this is this is in like total opposition to a content calendar, or a schedule, or those things that feel very forced. And sure you could schedule these, I just prefer to write when I feel inspired, and then share things. So some of the things positive


pausing right there, especially because I feel so much social media training is like get a calendar, make it a habit like you have to have there’s a lot of like half twos, and it feels very forceful. And then it feels inauthentic. And then people don’t want to do it anymore. Exactly. I love what you just said, like, I’ll give you a million ideas. And we’ll make sure that’s over at a passive rom com by the way.


Yes, in our Yes. Yeah, cuz that is Oh, sorry, go ahead


and post when you’re inspired to post Oh, what, how freeing is that?


I know that’s the thing, too, is that I’ve I’ve purchased because I love learning I’ve purchased, like all of the different programs where it’s this schedule, and then lists of topics and all of that, and it never works. Um, I mean, it does if you there are exceptions that I think generally the exceptions work if you have a very pretty aesthetic. And then you can use people’s, like, what are the their templates and all of those things. But for the people who I tend to attract, for myself, people that are I think it’s so absurd that people are called multi passionate, because it’s like, we’re humans, how old are we really supposed to be interested in only one thing. And so if you’re interested in more than one thing, like you have to pick your five things to discuss on social and it’s like, but it just doesn’t, what happened is it doesn’t resonate. For people that are like, sounds so offensive. I hear it when I when I hear myself saying it to be like for people that are deeper, it doesn’t work. Because you can’t it just it doesn’t work. There’s some people that are that that surface level person. And that’s just them, and it works. But if you’re not that, then it doesn’t work, in which case what content does work? So if you’re somebody who none of the content, or the social things have worked for you, it’s this is probably why and the answer, the short answer is to go deeper. But so examples would be why do you do what you do? The Why is extremely important. And usually their stories that underpin that. So share those things, share how you got your skill set, because there are so many people that can get our ideal client to a very similar end result. But how you got to where you do is usually story driven, people love stories. But it’s also generally values driven as well. Like, because how you got to where you are, I mean, we’re not pin balls in life like this, definitely, there’s choices we’ve all made. And those all inform how you got to where you are. So those sorts of things will interest people draw them in. Um, so why you do what you do, how, like how you got there, how you do what you do as well, because it’s very different. So for people to know, for, for me, like I’m extremely creative. And I can generally see into somebody’s business and see, see what the disconnect is in their content and their messaging, there is not a system to what I do. So I work with people like it’s essentially one on one but I add a container because people can learn from each other. So but if somebody is like they need a system and they need a plan, then this is not the thing that they need, right? Or perhaps we need to work together like in some different capacity, but for people to if somebody thought that I was going to deliver them a content calendar with like them, they’re better off joining a different like a social media gurus program buying, they’re like, you know, I don’t know $50 a month program where they can fill out the templates, right? But But I’m like, No, just be your weird self and share it, then if they’ve got it. The other reason why that’s important too, is that you can attract the people that are like you, like if people, if I’m like, if you don’t want to get weird, but you don’t tell anybody.


Then you’re kind of trapped, then what people get in your program. And they’re like, Oh, this is not what I expected. But your culture that you create via your social content prepares people. So either they’re cool, and they they know, like, Oh, this is what I expect in once I enter this person’s world, or they don’t. Um, the other thing that I recommend always is what are the hills you’ll die on. And they could be so random, like, I happen to love black licorice, and I love candy corn. And I know that some people find those like dumpster food, it’s fine. I think they’re delicious. But I’ll share that. So that’s a hill I’ll die on which is completely absurd. Um, but people really like to discuss it. And I don’t know why. But then I also have like business related hills, I’ll die on which is like, you don’t need a content calendar. Now. And I’ll say that oftentimes people get up, they’re afraid to say the hillsville. Diane, I’m like, the copy coach in our program will create content calendars, she talks about content calendars. I have a social media agency owner in the program as well, clearly her business rises and falls on content calendars. They’re not offended by me saying nobody needs one. They’ll show up and disagree with me. It’s fine. It’s like it’s it’s but you have to, you have to say the things that you believe in. And I would also imagine that if I thought people were going to be offended, maybe I would attract people that are offended. But they’re like, no, it’s Sasha. hillsville Byeon. She’s being absurd whatever nobody is. So it’s like, maybe if you know it, maybe it’s perhaps if you’re I’m not out there being offensive with the hills, I’ll die on. And but that’s also but at the same time, I also, because I think about like, Am I offensive? Probably because I like I put antiracist in my bio. And that’s not because it’s searchable. I don’t think it’s searchable. It’s just I want people to know that about me. I don’t want people in my world who are like, oh, racism, really still an issue? Like, no, we don’t have time for that. So I have that in there is that going to offend people probably, but at least they know on the front end, and they can opt into my world or opt out. So those foundational pieces, those are the things that really attract people and then you go Oh, by the way, if you want to work with me, there’s this way to do and they’re like, Oh, sweet, yes, I’ve been waiting to see how to work with you. Because you create this culture of it’s like everybody, you have a create, create a culture of marketing or culture of selling, unless you’re not doing either one. But usually, you don’t want to the other. And if you create a culture of marketing, people are used to doing marketing to you. And then when you say By the way, there’s this and they’re like, sweet, and then you just created this whole environment space that it’s far more easy for you to want to have fun and then to attract your clients.


Yeah. And people that you actually want to spend time with. Yes, yes. Because they’re not they haven’t been put off by anything that you’ve said.


Exactly. Yeah. And they are they know, they know. Okay, fine. They know what they’re getting into. Exactly. Yeah. They know what


Sasha is. When I was health coaching, and people would ask for a meal plan. And I just I was wanting to throw up. I’m like, No, I’m not going to decide what you want to eat. That’s ridiculous. Like I don’t even know what I’m gonna eat tomorrow.


We’re now good. How long are they really going to follow it for anyway? No. Such a fascinating you’re like you really you want like, it’s some some of those things, though, to me are like safety blankets. Sure, sure. Or something for people to rebel against? No, no, you don’t have to rebel against it. Let’s just figure out what’s really going to work for you. Whether it’s your meal plan, or your social content or anything.


Yeah, yeah. And it’s similar like the other parallel I see is that my goal was always to work on work with people on their relationship with food. And it sounds like you’re working with people on the relationship with social media.


Totally. So cool. Yeah.


Amazing. Well, thank you for those tips. And thank you so much for your generosity of time. And what you’re doing in the world. It’s Yeah, it’s inspiring and it’s so needed and we just yeah, we really need people out there doing their amazing work and making the world a better place. So thank you. This has been so fun. Yeah. And tell us where we can find you online.


Easiest thing is my facebook group group dot unconventionally, wealthy co


awesome. And then we will have lots of details and show notes over at a path of her Thanks so much, Sasha.


Thank you. Okay, I got excited I was like, banging into things.


I managed for the first hour to like not touch anything.


It’s all good. Awesome. So I’m wondering if you which quote, are you feeling for this?


I was thinking the Voltaire one but now I’m thinking the Lewis Carroll sometimes I’ve imagined as many as what eight impossible things before breakfast.


Yeah, okay. Is it eight seven? Probably seven.


This nightstand is still Saran wrapped


six. Is that


it all showed up is like one big line.


Does it start with Alice left?


Alice left there is no use trying. She said. Oh, or does it start with boldness has magic.


Now that’s another thought it must be it must be Alice.


Alice, there is no use trying. She said one can’t believe impossible things. Yeah. Or say you haven’t had much. Practice the queen?


That one? Yeah. Okay.


All right. Well, I don’t want to keep you. I’m just going to say that one as the okay. But I’m sure you’ve got other stuff to get to. And we’re just a little over the time, I promise. So thank you.


Thank you so much. Okay. So I just hit leave.


Yeah, you can have off and I will let you know as soon as I have a date for this episode. I imagine it’ll be five or six weeks from now. And then I’ll have like, an image you could use for social media if you’d like that I’ll be using and and if you’re up for me, we could do a little live together and just get laugh about.


Yeah, recording. That’d be so fun. Yes, please. So keep me posted. All right.


Thanks. Okay.


Thank you. Bye.


All right, Kevin. I’m gonna save a quote for the beginning now.


Alice laughed.


There’s no use trying she said, One can’t believe impossible things. I dare say you haven’t had much practice and the queen. When I was your age. I always did it for half an hour a day. Why? Sometimes I believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Lewis Carroll from Alice in Wonderland.