Cultivating Stillness in a Demanding World


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Hi there, it has been a while. How are you doing? Oh, gosh, you know, it’s funny when people ask me, What have you been up to? I kind of pause like, I would like to answer honestly, what am I’ve been up to. And of course, my mind goes to sort of those productive outward things that I could mention. So the busyness of life. But truth is, the thing that I most want to talk about, and why I’m popping in here today is I’ve been hibernating to the best of my ability, I have been creating as much stillness and quiet as is possible. And I’m feeling really, really good about it. Today, to be honest, I don’t feel great about it every day, right there is this resistance there, oh, this culture of productivity and hustle, go, go go and grow, grow, grow, who it runs deep, right, inside and outside, internal and external. So wanted to pop in here, like, take a little peek out of my hibernation time to connect with you and see if you’re feeling the urge to hibernate to. I think of it like cultivating stillness. And I think there’s actually a book or there’s some Buddhist thought around this. So. So I don’t mean that in particular. Right. I’m not talking about a specific practice, though, I do want to acknowledge that that exists as well and could be beneficial. But for me, it is really about switching things in my mind to notice that rest, quiet, stillness. These are things that are just as important inherently important as being productive, being outward being active. Right, both very important. And the energy is short, it’s going to be different from season to season, from time to time, throughout the months. I did a whole past episode on moon cycles and what this looks like within that context. But there is a regular rhythm cycle have this feeling this need for, for rest, not just to rest up for the next productivity but because the season of winter is in and of itself essential.


So we don’t actually live in a world yet where we get to actually hibernate. So although I’m saying I’ve been hibernating I’ve definitely been active, I’ve been doing things engaged in things life continues to happen. I’m continuing to parent to work to do things in the world interact with people, right, none of that has come to a halt. And I don’t need it to either in order to cultivate stillness. So I want to just acknowledge one other thing which is that there is in this midwinter time, there’s also pressure like weirdly added pressure to to do something new to be something new to have some outward show of that. Because we’re in a new year, because we were witnessing the Olympics where there’s like major accomplishment, outward productivity happening. And we’re observing that there is also a sense of I mean, like we said, the world doesn’t stop, you know, my life hasn’t stopped. But larger than that there are collective things there are injustices, there are debates, there are politics, there are, indeed urgent matters at hand. So the polls a draw to be, go, go, go, go go. Is really intense right now. And at the same time I’m hearing so many people talk about how tired they are, how uninspired they are, how there’s this just questioning of all sorts of things and unknown future. Oh, yeah, I mean, of course, all of that completely makes sense. On top of everything else I just mentioned, we’re in our third year of a pandemic, third calendar year, right, rounding out a little over two years. And it has been a roller coaster. Right? On lots of levels. So if you’re feeling mad, if you’re feeling tired, if you’re questioning things, if you’re wanting, craving stillness, then I invite you to welcome in in welcoming welcome it in wherever you can. So here are some ways that I’m welcoming in in case it’s useful.


I am spending more time in nature. It’s cold, yes, where I live. But there is something really beautiful about a crisp morning on the mountain where I can see my breaths. And I start out cold, feeling all the cold on my face. And then as I’m walking, feeling warmth, grow, feels good. I’m also looking out my window. Maybe I go for a drive anything where I can just witness nature. So good. There’s so much stillness there. Right now lot there’s activity, certainly, but there is a sense of stillness especially in winter Another thing I’m doing is journaling. So connecting with my thoughts, acknowledging my feelings in that way. And then the third really essential thing that I’ve been doing is connecting with friends who are in a similar space and or are supportive of the space Simon there is just something so essential about knowing we’re not alone and what we’re feeling. That acknowledgement is really life giving. And I think we’re even more aware than that, of that than ever. So here it is. Your invitation. Let’s actually take a breath right now. Together. Just being with this moment no judgement. Nothing else that needs to happen. Just for a moment, just this next breath. Being with it as fully as you can. Hmm, beautiful. Thank you so much. I am slowly spreading my wings ready to emerge from winter. Not rushing, but I will be back to recording podcasts soon. I have some really juicy interviews lined up and I look forward to it. In the meantime, I’m going to go back to hibernating and I hope that you can to be well