Manifesting Retreat Space:

An Interview with Ashley Burnett

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You were once wild, don’t let them tame you is the door Dunkin. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited to be sitting here with Ashley Burnett. And as usual, I don’t have her official bio in front of me. Um, I just, I adore kind of everything about this woman and I can’t wait for you to meet her and get to know her today. She, as we’re sitting here, she is in a retreat space that she runs that she lives in. And she really is, I’d say like a stand for, for the planet ultimately. And specifically, how that happens Is she really guides a lot of teachers, healers, creative people and living out their desired lifestyle, really living out their missions and having that be sustainable, lucrative, impactful. All the things so you can imagine what it’s like to be in her circuit. It’s contributed so much to me personally, as as we’ll be sharing as we go along, but I want to, I want to hear your voice Ashley. Hello, welcome.


Hello, everyone. So excited to be here and blue. Thank you so much for having me. I’m really excited about this conversation today.


Mm hmm. Yeah. So I love that you, you have manifested this very space that you are in, and the kind of life that you are living. And so I wonder if you it’s a big question, but I wonder if you could share with us some pieces of like how that came to be?


Yeah, the retreats space specifically? Yeah. Yeah. Well, uh, so I guess a little background. I am originally from the Midwest small town in the Midwest, called Quincy, Illinois. And I grew up as a dance artist. My dad was my theatre director, my mom’s my dance teacher. I danced professionally, I went to, you know, undergrad at University of Illinois as a dance major. ended up in Chicago for a couple of years as a dance artist, choreographer teacher, then moved out to the Bay Area in 2005. And lived in San Francisco for 10 years, and became a coach about 10 years ago started as a health coach. And that’s how blue and I first initially met. But very quickly, people started to come me come to me for business and leadership, support, confidence boosting, how did you start your business and so that health coaching career, kind of quickly shifted into a denim of business and leadership coach. And so I was living in San Francisco’s go into health coaching school, I was just starting, you know, got that certification, met my partner, he we did two years long distance he was out in Omaha, I was in San Francisco. He finally moved out, we lived a couple of years in the city together, got married. I was starting, you know, starting this coaching business. In the meantime, dancing professionally, and and, you know, paying for my dance career as a massage therapist, really. And then, you know, started to develop the coaching practice and started hiring a business coach myself and there was a moment that I was asked, What is your What does your What did your business look like three years ago? And what did it What does it look like three years from now? So, you know, the three years ago was like, you know, still a massage therapist. Just art I like just starting health coaching tool or something like that. And then the three years from now was like, I want to live on this incredible retreat center in you know, with my family and and supported community. And kind of painted this picture. I’m thinking it’s a five year vision. We’re more You know, I was asked, what does it look like in three years? So, you know, I’m kind of painting this picture, but thinking it’s a little far fetched, you know? Then I get asked by my coach, what does it look like? Oh, are you willing to have that in a year from now? Right. So is like, Let’s beat this three year plan. I’m thinking, please, it’s a five year plan. And then I get asked, Can you have it in a year, you know, and I said, it’s not possible in front of the group, like mastermind group that I went or whatever. And what happens when you’re a part of a group, as you know, blue, your limiting beliefs get debunked when you’re working with a coach, and you’re with a group that you know, sees your higher highest version of you? I get asked, Do you know that that’s absolutely true, but it’s not possible, right? And then you know, what else might be true? So then I start to kind of get curious about what else might be true. And I leave that retreat, and I’m like, Hmm, maybe I could rent maybe I wouldn’t have to buy right now. Like, I live in California. I live in, you know, one of the most expensive areas of the country. And, you know, here I am talking about getting land and in, you know, somewhere in the Bay Area, right. But I was like, well, maybe I could, maybe I could rent. So then as soon as I kind of got curious about that. Well, actually, what happened was my husband got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and, frankly, was close to dying. We’ve been married for a year, and he lost 50 pounds in a month, and gone down to 100 pounds, six foot two.


Guy, so he starts to get better. This is like, right after the retreat, I’m flying home after the retreat, and some of the symptoms started to happen. Okay. So then I’m at I’m home. And I’m thinking about all these things about getting out of the city and all of this stuff, and he’s getting sick, and I spend the next couple of months in and out of the hospital with him. So he starts to get better and all the sudden I hear Petaluma and I’m like, a Luma. Like, wait a minute, isn’t that a town in Sonoma County? It’s like an hour outside of the city. And it’s like Petaluma, and it’s like, you know, basically telling me you’re moving. Wow. And I’m going like, Okay, I know nothing about this town. I’ve never been there. But okay, I guess maybe I’m moving to Petaluma. You know, one day, Dave. And I, he was he had started to get better at this point. But his infusions that he was getting for this issue. were like, you know, very intense, and the city energy was like, kind of, you know, matching that and I realized we got to get out. We got to get out of here. We got to get out of here now. So I was like, I’m gonna go see Petaluma. Anyway, we get out here. We basically are directed to this retreat center organically. I like got onto Zillow. And I found this unconventional renter with rental property. I’m 22 acres blend, we drive here or walking around and going like, are you kidding me right now. And the point is, within nine months of that vision, I was living here at this retreat space. Whoa. So it was not, it was this three year vision that I thought was gonna happen, like in five to 10 years that I asked, Will you, you know, is it possible for you to have that within a year. I’m like, doubting that. But with the rewiring and the support that I got, and the curiosity that I had, we ended up here at nine months. And we’ve been here for six years now. And blues, you’ve been to this property and, you know, been at retreat in this property. And it’s been a really incredible experience for us and have been so grateful. So that was a very long winded answer, but hopefully inspiring for you. Wow.


Yes, yes. That is so amazing. I, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve interviewed on this podcast that have had that experience of just walking into a space or walking into a situation or meeting a person and just knowing like, for me not even knowing maybe how it’s for them, but definitely having that feeling and part of that is is doing the work to you know. I don’t know like peel back the layers between that knowing and their reality, right? Like, just the more that’s peeled back. So amazing. And that space you have is magic. I mean, it’s pure like, I could just, if you are listening and you have a chance to go on retreat with Ashley Burnett, do it. And gather. Yeah. It’s funny. Yeah, we first met through this health coaching school. And I just remember you wore the most fabulous hat. And I thought that was super cool. So we talked


through, it is true. Before they were cool, even though they are cool, still, and I’ll continue to wear that. I love that. Yeah.


Yeah. So we chatted a bit. And I don’t remember what we talked about. It wasn’t like that long or that deep or anything. But, um, then we, I, we must have connected on Facebook or something. Because then I was years later, I think like four or five years after that, which was a few years ago now. I like, I don’t remember even seeing your posts. Like I sort of knew you existed. I wasn’t exactly even sure what you did. I hadn’t like intentionally followed you or gotten on your mailing list or anything. But I just that you came across my feed dancing. And I was like, I got that similar hit. Right. Like, I need to work with her.


And then I just picked out for you looking for a business coach at the time, right? Yeah.


Yeah, I was like, I don’t I don’t know what my next moves are. I need support. I had been having that thought I hadn’t. I didn’t know where to find that support. I didn’t. I had only just started looking a little bit. But yeah, I just knew I was like, Oh, I don’t need to look. She’s right here. Yeah. Yeah. And then when I came into your retreat space, I think the first thing I did was I just started crying. Like it just it felt so good. I felt so held. It was like, exactly what I needed and had not given myself for too long. And so many shifts happened since then. So yeah, I’m so glad you you listened to that voice that said Petaluma.


Yeah, it’s been it’s been an epic ride. Yeah. Yeah. What’s what?


I’m curious about two things. Let’s start with as we’re looking at the past. Were there any, like obstacles or other people’s ideas or anything like in that nine months that you had to overcome?


Oh, yeah, absolutely. I mean, for one thing, my husband was almost dying, you know, I mean, we didn’t know what was going on with him. And he wasn’t diagnosed for a long time. And you could need anything is an incredible pain amounts of pain. And was Yeah, was losing weight, you know, it just it was really, really, really scary. And at the same time, I was like, super committed to finally growing my business, you know, and and, you know, ultimately, so what I was doing was I was getting ready to launch my first long term experiential group program. A six months kind of leadership and business and leadership building mastermind for holistic and creative entrepreneurs. And I’ve never done this before, you know, the only I had to lead lead some groups before, but it was mostly through taking, you know, people online through a cleanse or something like that when I was a health coach. So, this was the first time I was really, you know, doing this like longer term, big kind of program and I had already put it out there. And so here I am in the parking lot of the hospital. Having enrollment conversations with people you know, and I have three areas of focus, it was like full time caregiver for Dave, self care for me, and holding space for these people to step into my group. And I mean, I could have, I mean, there was a lot of doubt that was coming through around that. But I was like, committed. And it ended up that the second retreat of that six month program was held here at this property, you know what I mean? So the first retreat I had, we didn’t live here yet, and I rented out a different space. But the second retreat, I think a portion of it was led here. Amazing. Um, and we just moved here, right? So and then there were there was like, the doubt, absolutely the doubt around money and being able to do this. So we were in the city and in this super expensive city, but it ended up that we were actually going to pay more rent than we were in the city to live out here. Just simply because we’re out on land, we had 1000 square foot workshop space attached the house, just way more space. And, you know, frankly, from when I’ve moved into that space, they’ve half years prior in the city, to now to that point, 2005 or sorry, 2015. Just the whole, you know, bay area had already started to explode. So rates were, you know, much higher out here even as well. So, there was a lot of doubt, what they were asking that I made was lower. So this is this is something I could shares.


Yeah, this was definitely an obstacle, it was like what they were asking for, for us to be making, to be able to afford this property with a management company was asking was much higher than what I could prove, right. I knew I had had contracted income already in place for the rest of this year, but my taxes the previous year, look like I like made $0 or whatever, you know, very, very little money. So I could have let that write that in there. Just stop me right now. And I have this moment of like, No, I’m gonna do what it takes to get this place and move into this place. So I get I get a, I get my you know, V virtual assistant at the time to have the create this whole beautifully branded, you know, contracted income document for the year, I had, you know, written a letter to the homeowners to talk about our wire I’m wanting to move I had done yeah, I don’t I don’t know, I did a bunch of Yeah, like, have different people write referral letters and things like that I did a bunch of things to to strengthen it. And, and then, and then we get here, and we’re being shown the property by the property manager, not the homeowner. So we this is like the second time. So we were we came, we kind of like illegally walked out all around. And we’re looking at you know, we’re looking in everything. And we’re like, Oh, my God. And then we left and then we came back and we’re officially shown it by the homeowners. Or sorry, by the management company, in this lady’s showing me this place. And I’m like, No, this, this is not what needs to happen right now. What needs to happen right now is the homeowner needs to come here and meet me. And then, you know, so we’re being shown this place and I’m just going Oh God, yeah, this is it then, but I I’m just like, anyway, a minute before we’re going to leave here rolls lutea who’s now like my surrogate mother rolls up. And she’s like, Hey, I just thought I’d pop down and see who’s looking at the property you know, and I was like, hey, so great to meet you. And then she asked like, well, what are we what what are your intentions for this property? And I’m sharing like, well, I’m a dancer. And, you know, facilitator and I was like, you know, I actually didn’t know like what her if she’d be okay with leading retreats at the time so I wasn’t like gonna say that yet. But I was like, you know, I’m ready to like replay my really cut myself off from that my lifeline of dance in the city for like years prior to that. And she goes, oh my god. So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight? And I was like, Oh, do you know Sonya tayeh, who is the contemporary choreographer on that show? She’s like, Oh, my God, if I was a lesbian, I would, I would be all overheard something like that. And I go, Okay, I think we got it. Yeah, and we did, you know, again, that serendipitous moment of like, trusting the process and trusting you know, yourself for Don’t let don’t take no as an answer. Right. Or don’t take that obstacle as a that’s not possible moment. Right. It was a what can we do to think outside of the box to make this happen right now? Yeah. Yeah.


Totally. Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I, yeah, I hear all the time. I’m sure you do, too. There’s, there’s plenty. There’s so many reasons not to move forward with a vision, an idea, a concept. There will always be reasons not to. And you have some pretty big ones that you that could have stopped you. Yeah, like caretaking responsibilities. I love also, I just want to highlight what you said about you have these three main jobs at the time, which was caretaking your husband taking care of yourself and running this business? And? Yeah, I mean, I think it’s, there’s sort of this expectation that women have on ourselves on each other, perhaps, that when something has to give, it’s our own thing. And when I heard you saying is, you stayed as committed to your self as to him?


Yeah. Yeah, that was important, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to show up. Um, I mean, it was extremely, extremely stressful. It’s scary, you know, and so I knew, if I hadn’t done that, then I wouldn’t be able to, you know, not only show up for him, but also show up for the vision that I knew I was ready to call in for myself in this in my business and my future family, you know, Mm hmm. So, yeah. Self Care is at the core of all of it. And, you know, for for my business in this line of work, it’s like so it’s the foundation of creating a sustainable and viable long term business, you know, lifestyle that, you know, you you’re wanting to create for yourself, you know?




Yeah. And I, I really, something I really love about you is that when you speak of sustainability, yes, self care, and I’d love to hear some examples of how you care for yourself. But also the sustainability in terms of really honoring seasons cycles, that’s such a core part of your work. So I wonder if you could say more about, about self care and how you work with, with nature? Yeah, that’s


kind of part of like what I, you know, probably my, my biggest act of self care is, has been in more recent years to align the business up with the size of cycles and seasons of the natural world for long term sustainability. I, for many years, I worked against the cycles of the natural world and experienced a lot of resistance especially around you know, winter and things like that. And I think yeah, I mean, that’s been probably one of my more radical quote unquote, unfortunately, acts of, of self care has been to, to align this business in a way where, you know, I get to take time off. I just took six weeks off for summer. I had my team running the business while I was away, getting things prepared for our upcoming on that course. And get, you know, getting pieces handled ahead of time so that I could take that six weeks off during a time of year that Yeah, the light we have the longest days in the world. To the brightest and all of that, but the energy is a bit check out, like we tend to check out during summer, right. And so and we need that breath of pause to kind of approach the second half of the year with as much energy as we did at the beginning of the year. So, and there’s a lot of parallels between summer and winter, right. And then I also similarly take about a five week period off in the winter, and also have brought in at least a week, spring and fall break two, right? But that, and I say that’s radical, because most solo kind of, you know, small businesses don’t operate that way. Right. And I want to change that I want I want us to be able to give back to ourselves, as you know, heart centered, holistic, creative. Yeah, words and women and be able to create that, like, give back to ourselves in that way. And replenisher Cup, and you know, I have a two year old so I have a toddler, I wouldn’t say that the six week break has been the most restorative experience in two big trips. And you know, for the first time traveling with a toddler is a lot of energy. But what it did do for me was it gave me this new renewed energy for my business, you know, and like, I’ve come back, and I’m excited to dive in again, right. And I, I say this a lot, any relationship that we have, needs breathing space, and that includes the relationship that we have with our business. Right. And I know not everyone on this podcast as a business, but I think that’s true of our work and a lot of other things. Yeah, and so, you know, I think it’s something to just really, to bring in mind, and I do, you know, do ritual circles and things like that, that teach more about the cycles and seasons of the natural world, and how to, you know, work with them on on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis. But that’s been one of the more radical pieces. And then, of course, all the things like you know, make sure that you’re doing something in the beginning of the day before anyone else asks anything of you, whether that just be literally taking three deep breaths on your bed, before you give your energy away to anyone else, right? I get my morning practice don’t look like what it used to, oh, at this point. You know, same, right, it’s like, where are you at? And how can you still weave in self care in the in the way that you know that you can weave it into your world now with whatever your unique circumstances are right. And prioritize you know, so and there’s so many things we can do to like hack the system and to, you know, tools and all of that, but yeah, that’s been the seasonal piece has been one of the more like, radical


I love it so much. It’s really in such such a beautiful and needed contrast to the idea of like, hustle, make it happen, which is so built into business building, and it and it’s really unsustainable, it’s having people burnout, it’s having people walk away from work they are really passionate about actually. So I love that you embody.


So say that, you know, we scaled, I scaled down to be working about 20 hours a week, after I came back postpartum, we entered a pandemic. And we had doubled our more than doubled our income in the middle of a pandemic, right. So I believe that when we work, you know, it’s not it’s about working smarter, not harder, working more efficiently, getting the support we need, creating more space and that, like I, there was a retreat, I led out here one time, and this guy started talking about how he was, you know, working 8090 hours a week, burning the candle at both ends got really, really sick. And then he just had this breaking point and like cold turkey said, I’m gonna start working 40 hours a week and within like, a month or something, he got a promotion, and then another promotion and you know, so it’s just, you know, that concept of like, the push isn’t the the most effective way. And I think we can scale back. And there are times for push, right. But again, we need to sync those up with what’s happening in the natural world to if we’re pushing and and staying up and working till 2am. in the dead of winter when it gets dark at five o’clock. I mean, we’re going completely against the circadian rhythm, right? And we miss that whole opportunity to hibernate. Yeah, and restore reserves. In the fall, like the early fall, like this time of year, like September, October, the energy of the world is like in this celebratory harvest energy, like, the the trees are all doing their last hurrah, the, you know, of all the leaves changing colors, the corn is at its fullest capacity, everything’s in this amazing, kind of big energy me. And so that’s a great time to launch things. And that’s why we launched unleash your impact at that time.


Mm hmm.


So it’s like, pay attention to cycling with mama nature in that way, and how that helps restore your own reserves? To Yeah, yeah, I


think of it as like, it’s like a supported push. And there’s also supported rest. And I’m really into the moon cycles. So, you know, we cannot we can, there’s all sorts of ways you can see us different phases and times to rest and time to be out in the world and making things happen. That’s a part of nature. But it isn’t all like, all one or all the other all the time. We’re not like this thing, like right now blackberries are, are ripe in my yard. And and like they will be for probably another week. And then that’s it for the year, that bush is not making more blackberries. It’s like taking the rest of the year off. Yeah, right. Exactly. Well, what’s what’s coming up in the next three years for you? Is my other curiosity, your story?


coming up in the next three years, as well? Yeah, you know, to be honest, like we’re, as a family, we are ready to buy land. So there’s definitely Well, this place is served us super well. Like I think, you know, our time here might be nearing a close. So we’re open, we don’t know, we’re not clear. But we’re open and this year is literally a year of exploration. And kind of opening up to where is our space? Like, where is our spot? My, my husband is a high woodworker carpenter, custom furniture builder. So it doesn’t just make sense for us to be somewhere where whatever kind of improvements he’s doing. He we get to be on land that we actually own. And so we’re, you know, if we had our druthers, we’d say we would stay here. But Sonoma County is such that, you know, the land laws are very strict. And we actually, yeah, we proposed purchasing part of this land here, to our landlords, which were quite interested in it in that possibility. And you have to have 100 acres to be able to personally and off where we live specifically. So they own 22 and so it’s just not you know, and I don’t like to take no for an answer. So I, you know, I might be digging, doing you know, seeing if we can get laws changed, you know, but, um, but also, you know, we’re just open so we’re kind of like in this exploratory time and we know that we’re ever we’re guided will be the right place for us to create, to continue to create and build out this community and there’s a concept that I’m really passionate about and excited about called the gathering ground and that is where it’s basically creating this outdoor indoor outdoor gathering space for creatives and holistic practitioners to to offer their their incredible offerings wherever this wherever this place is going to be right. And not just everything that I’ve led at this space has pretty much been led by myself, and I’m ready to branch out and you know, not have it be all about me leading And having the community that, you know, I’ve created or, or become a part of to be able to utilize the space as well. Part of why it has happened that way is because this room that I’m sitting in this workshops place is literally connected to my home. And so we, you know, we want to have, we want to create a space where that that sanctuary happens away from our house, you know. So we’re just open in and kind of, for that next, next phase of clarity to come through, and to be able to build out this gathering ground concept, which I’m super excited about.


Awesome. Awesome. Yeah. And just to close the loop on anyone’s mind, who might be still thinking about your husband’s health. How’s he doing? Oh, yeah, I mean, he’s done. He’s done really, really well. With his he’s had a couple of little tiny flare ups, but for the most part he’s doing Yeah, really great. So super, super grateful for that. And, you know, hope that continues for him. Yeah, thanks for asking about that. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And then, you know, in terms of the business, this business, like, just continuing to expand and expand the the offerings, make sure that we have things that are accessible to all sorts of different folks. And also, in different forms and capacities, like unleash your impact, it’s a six week online training anywhere, anyone from anywhere can come and take that. And then we have programs that have that are like fully in person. And we have programs that are kind of a hodgepodge of both that, you know, you could fly out for the two retreats, but live on the East Coast, or Canada or anywhere else, right. And so we’re just continuing to refine, and expand the offerings and just make sure that we are kind of looking at, at all angles for that. And I really want to, I want to really want to bring back my product line, too. So that’s another thing I’m excited about. Because I’ve done products, herbal products, and jewelry and things like that. Pick it up, put it down, pick it up, put it down. I would love to have something in place to make that consistent offering. So yeah. Love it. Love it.


Well, I’m I’m wearing some Ashley original right now. Yeah, God. Yeah, those are cool. Yeah. Yeah, I often wear them when I want to feel my knee when I could use an extra boost of powerful take. Here kind of energy of yours.


Yeah, that’s awesome.


I love it. Yeah, I mean, absolutely. All of that’s coming. It sounds like, for sure. So. Yeah, and I know, in the immediate future, you’re offering you have referenced it a couple times, but I just, I want to highlight it because as this podcast is coming out, this program is right around the corner. And I just, I it’s amazing. I have learned so much from you. And I know, many members of my community have taken part in unleash and have had really amazing experiences. So maybe talk a little bit about that.


And unleash your impacts. Yeah, right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, I I’m, I’m excited. Yeah, we’re, we’re launching think unleash starts on the seventh and the kind of enrollment periods happening from the ninth to the 23rd of September to the first of October. And the course is a six week online training course. That is has been kind of created for specifically for holistic teachers, leaders, creative entrepreneurs. So you know, think coaches, healers, yoga teachers, dancers, musicians, artists, therapists, health fitness experts, I mean, the list goes on. Because, in part of why that specific demographic is because I’ve been in both of those industries right as a dance artist, and massage therapists and health coach and so I tend to attract those folks into the program, but it’s not limited to that in the the work really explores expanding one’s kind of business and income and impact through sustainably or state sustainably through leading those longer term experiential offerings, retreats, circles, workshops, events, those kind of things. So, you know, as I was sharing earlier, that moment of when I was first expanding into my long term, six month, my first long term six month mastermind, when I was having those enrollment conversations in the Yeah, at the hospital, basically, that was like the turning point for my business, because I went from Korea, you know, working this dollars per hour business model of like, you know, giving a massage, or doing a health coaching session, or even a one on one program, although this is appropriate for a one on one longer term experiential program as well. But I took that and then ended up scaling that into a group, right, so instead of, you know, going from creating the six month one on one program for someone, and only kind of being able to, to bring in income that just comes in from that one person, now we’re bringing it in from like, 12 to 20 people or more, right, so that was the moment when I’ve been a when I was really able to scale my business and create, you know, create that more sustainable business model for myself, and also create a larger ripple effect. Yeah,


I was gonna say there’s just such magic as sharing like you being in a circle that was like, Are you willing to have it sooner? You know, there’s just something about the group dynamic. And I know you are such a beautiful and powerful space holder. And I love that you’re teaching those skills and sharing insight. And I know you also don’t teach it in a way I’ve seen this a lot where people go, here, follow exactly what I did. Because it’ll work for you. I know, that’s not your jam. It’s like, find your rhythm, find your like, what? So maybe it’s continuing one on one, maybe it is moving into groups, but really giving people an experience, rather than $1 per hour of your time. It’s like, what are you providing?




so let’s do let’s talk a little bit more about that. Like, let’s do a bonus episode on that. Because I think there’s more. And if you’re willing, maybe you can even share a couple of tips like that you teach in that program, you know, a little bonus episode. But for now, I do want to wrap up this conversation. Thank you so much for sharing about your life. And I just wonder if you could share your thoughts about what success means? Like, how do you define it?


I mean, I think for me, again, it’s about aligning your, your desires, and dreams, up with your, the life that like the lifestyle that you’re living, right. So like, whatever your desired lifestyle, and dreams are. If you can align what your current reality is with that, that’s my idea of success.


I love that.


You know, and I think we’re always, you know, we’re continuing to expand what that vision is, right? So I think we reach levels of success, and then we might have a new vision, and then we go into, you know, moving towards that level of success, right. So I don’t think it’s like cut and dry or something. But I think there’s like, you know, stairs, it’s like a level, it’s like, you know, a mountain. And I think one of the things I always want to reiterate is, once we reach one level of success, and you’ve heard me talk about this blue before, you know, we reach one level of success, we’ve climbed one mountain or one peak. Make sure that you take in the view, make sure that you really relish in that purpose, you know, that you really honor, acknowledge and appreciate the accomplishments that you’ve had in and bask in that for a little bit. Then you can look at the next mountain and start climbing that one. You know what I mean? But make sure that you’re you’re really kind of bathing in that, in that success. For a while. Beautiful, beautiful. Thank


you so much for giving us some insight on your climb up this mountain, and the view that you’re enjoying, as well as what mountain you’re looking at next. And where can people find out more about you? online?


Yeah, I mean, you can go to Ashley, forward slash, leash. And or sorry, Ashley forward slash, or just Ashley Burnett. co just go there. And then you’ll then you’ll find more about me. Awesome. So


your and we’ll have that as well as some other ways to, to be in contact with you over at a path of her Ashley, thank you so much. So lovely to be with you.


And thank you, everyone that has tuned in and listen to this recording, appreciate you and feel free to reach out and connect. Oh, okay. So yeah, I


just want to leave a little space between and then. Yeah, I think it makes sense. Just to have the bonus, like chat more about alishan you could share a couple tips from that. Yeah. Do


you have a sense of in terms of tips like for your community that might be out of the modules? I mean, we’ve got, you know, by creating the offering, creating strong and safe containers, signature curriculum, Queen, confidence, marketing and energetic hygiene.


Um, yeah, I think, um, I feel like all of it would be of interest. But I think the thing I’ve been asked most recently about is,


is that, like, is actually like holding a group and like, what are the


key things to keep in mind or to, to have in place so that it is a safe place for people to, to share and explore and feel supportive? Because it is, it’s different than when you’re one on one with a person? For sure. Yeah, well, I’m offline.


So let me just Yeah, I don’t want to give it all away. I’m just kind of pulling up and seeing where I could.


Maybe I can just do one of the steps because there this that whole process is a nine step process.


Right, so I think you can just say it as a nine step process. And yeah, yeah, the first step is this. Like, I think that’s great. Yeah, I


do think though, that I just want to double check because I think in the in the workshop, I have not gotten over for a year but if I remember, I think I feel like I did that and I might even do the first step there. So I don’t want to do the exact same thing I’m gonna do there


Yeah, what is the workshop is it’s around the leadership Queen leadership skills.


Is that what it is? No, it basically break breaks down each of these mods, jewels, and give kind of a bite sized of each of the modules. I think I again, I haven’t gone over.




I love it. One at a time, one step at a time, essentially. Sure. Um, hang on. I’m sure if they hear it again, though. It’s fine. Yeah, it’s not like this is stuff that is like widely taught. You know? So a bit are some of the questions more about like, they’re, they’re kind of more like how do you how do you create the connection or Like, what, what? Yeah. Like,




like, for example, there’s a group I’m running this summer and one of them on the last call was saying that she really just, she loved. She loved having this unique space where she could bring her whole self and not be judged. In fact, be supportive. And, and then someone was asking me, like, a sidebar was like, how do you how is it you create that? Is it just like your magic? And I was like, Well, yeah, I mean, we each have our own magic to create space, but also, like, it’s also a skill set. You know? Like, it’s not, I didn’t come out of the womb just like holding safe space for people. You know? Like, yeah, I, you know, and I, we don’t all hold it the same exact way. But like, and it’s it’s not like something you either got it or you don’t, which is very, like fixed mindset. You know, it’s like, well, no, it’s over. It’s a learned, if you’re called to do it, you can you have what you need to do it just like get


practicing. Okay, well, I mean, I can just give a few of these pieces, and that I may even say like, you know, part of what we teach in, in unleashes about weaving in ritual into the process of creating that safe space. And that’s been probably one of the bigger elements of


how to do it.


Okay, well, I am okay. Going to flow with that.


Okay. Yeah. Because the other thing we could do is just like, what are the things to consider about leading a group, which would basically be your whole program? addressing all of this? Right.


Right. Yeah, I mean, I think a way to just kind of break it down is letting them know, you know, what we’re going to cover? And? And, yeah, what how, like, if you want to start a concept program, and then get it kicked off the ground, like, how does that happen? You know, um, you know, the week to the creating strong and safe communities like that is a that is something that’s in this program, that’s probably not going to be in like, you know, build your online digital course. program. You know what I mean? So that’s totally not, right. Yeah.


Yeah. Yeah, that’s a good one.


Yeah, we can, but let’s just see, like where it goes, I’ll find it under roof. All right. Sounds good.


All right, and I’m back here with Ashley Burnett’s. Oh, thank you for your generosity and recording a little bonus time with me. And I just, yeah, I think something that I so appreciate about you is that you have these skills of holding space of creating, and cultivating community that where we all get to really show up and be real with each other. There’s a sense of support and sisterhood. And I think we all really crave that in a world that, you know, doesn’t really support that. And so it’s like, you could just you create these sanctuaries that then and now you are have been, for years now, teaching other people how to do that. So that it becomes just, there’s more and more and more I love that. Like I imagine it just like the the widening of the ripple of the water, just like like sisterhood just going rippling out and then us being nourished and being able to do this work that we’re called to do. So. And if you haven’t listened to the our first conversation, Ashley shares an amazing story about how she got to be living in working in a retreat space. And one key part of that was a group that held her in that same way. So I know you have a training that’s coming right up. So I want to just take this opportunity to pick your brain a little bit. And I know there may be people listening who are working with people in a teaching capacity and a healing capacity and a creative capacity. Who have thought about Wouldn’t it be cool to impact more lives? Wouldn’t it be cool to leverage my time by having a group but oh my goodness, how to even make that happen?


Right. How do I begin? Yeah, um, well, just to clarify. So, yeah, we have a six week online program coming up, called unleash your impact. And this program actually started as a four day retreat here at my retreat space in Petaluma, California, in 2016, and 2017. And then I shelved it. In 2018, I ended up leading this big women’s music or Dance Festival on the property for over 100 people. Which was pretty amazing. And I got pregnant right after that. And so I must have intuitively known or something I don’t know. Um, but while I was pregnant, I started to get the inklings of that program needs to come back and be created in a format where more people can access it, and not have to come to the retreat space to get that, that information, get those skills and tools, right. So. Right, like, in the end of, you know, My son was born in August of 2019, started to get those inklings of, you know, wanting to, to build this into a new course. And by about October, November of 2019, we started to work and flesh it out. Here, enter 2020, and I’m realizing, oh, okay, here comes the pandemic, like, it must have been divine timing for us to create this into that online course format. Right. So it’s, it’s a really incredible program, I voice it as like an online advanced facilitators training course. So even if you’ve been teaching groups for years, the tools, the tips, the strategies, the structures that we’re going to offer, in this program, you know, even if you’ve been in business for years is still going to be supportive for you. And it’s really for holistic teachers and creatives. So, you know, coaches, healers, yoga teachers, dancers, musicians, artists, all of those kinds of folks to help expand one’s business plan and income and in packed sustainably through leading longer term, experiential group offerings, retreats, circles, events, both virtually, and or in person. We talk a lot about how to scale through these groups. And also, we really talk a lot about how to, you know, create sustainable and safe communities for folks that are stepping into our spaces, right. So I don’t know if it makes sense blue, but I can kind of go through like the modules and what we’d be covering, or is there. Are there any specific questions you want to ask me around the program? Yeah,


I would love to hear the modules, because I think that what you offer, it’s really different. I don’t I sometimes when I hear like, oh, here’s a training for me to do something for my business, I start to tune out, right. I’m like, Oh, it’s gonna be hard. Or it’s gonna be it’s, it’s gonna ask me to do like, icky sales, or it’s gonna be all like, you know, I’m all for making more money, but like, you know, not at the cost of my integrity, right. And so, I just want to highlight so before you go into this, like, if you’re like me, and you kind of tune out this kind of thing, like, tune in because it is really juicy. And, and really critical. Each of these pieces that Ashley is about to outline have been like, so key in my business and the success of my retreats and group programs. So yeah, so share it with us.


Yeah. Um, so kind of the week by week slogan, it’s a six week program. And we meet live, like a lot of trainings are pre recorded, and this may be pre recorded someday, and that’s great, too. But there’s something magical that happens when it’s part of a live program, you have that community aspect, that container where you can see all the people’s faces on zoom as you’re navigating all of this together, right? So that’s one piece to even consider right there. But in terms of content, you know, week one, we dive into designing what this epic heart centered offering even is and we also kick the container off and create the strong container upfront for the program. Um, and so we offer frameworks for you to kind of create the most aligned and exciting, multifaceted group or one on one offering as well, if you want to focus one on one, and then scale to group later, to facilitate, right. And so we just teach you how to, to do that in your own unique way. There’s no cookie cutter approach to that, but we give you frameworks so that you can do that with more ease, right? in week two, we look at how to create strong and safe communities, this is one of the most important modules of the whole course. This is a this is like, what blue is just saying like a lot of the things that aren’t in like, you know, sign up for my digital course program or something, they’re not going to teach you these advanced space holding skills. Right. So this is about, you know, learning those advanced skills to create a safe emotionally sound and very close knit, close knit community, that have your participants feeling supported and held and excited to work with you for years and years to come. Our community tends to work with us for two to five years. So how do you do that? Like, how do you create an I have a lot of people that will be in a program, step away for a little bit and come back in? Right? And so how do you do that? How do you retain your your community?


This is so key, Ashley, I think I just this piece, you’re so right, it’s so important, because how many of us like, we’re just there’s programs out there, there’s online programs all over the place? And how many of us are like, Okay, another online program, like, okay, want want, you know, right, as you’re teaching is like, how do you have it be an experience that actually changes a person’s life? Like, not just, yeah, not just like, let’s talk at people, but like, Let’s invite them in and like co create an experience.


And it’s, it’s really about creating the container, you know, and creating, setting the context for your community upfront, which is kind of the first step of that nine step process of creating that strong and safe community. It’s about making sure that your event that your your community feel seen and heard and supported, from the moment that they, you know, say yes, and, and even before that moment, right. So that they’re already feeling connected to the people that they’re stepping into the circle with before the circle even happens, right. And there’s so many different tips and tools in that modules specifically. And one of the things that really stands this community out and some of the things that we teach our community is how to weave ritual, I’m a turning ritualist and ceremonial list. How do you weave ritual and intentional ritual and ceremony into your gatherings in a way that, you know, it’s down to earth? Like, it’s it’s the way that that we just were just starved of ritual in our culture? And so how do you kind of bring that in from the get go to really create this super strong, super held, supported container? From from the beginning of the experience, wrap, right, so. And there’s a lot of different leadership skills and things like that. And another another piece, key piece of setting the container is letting your community know what to expect up front, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken a workshop and they just start diving in and teaching the stuff and I’m going Wait a minute, how long is this going to take? Do we need to be like, you know, I You don’t know anything about what’s going on? Or what’s happening or there’s nobody introduces themselves. So how can people feel connected if they haven’t been introduced? Right? So it’s like, you know, all kinds of skills that make your community feel connected up front supported up front, so that they feel really safe, you know, to be who they are.


Yeah, I love that. Yeah, I’ve definitely been in trainings where I missed like, the first half an hour because I’m confused. Like, I can’t even hear what you’re saying, because I don’t know


what’s happening. Right. Right. I don’t feel safe because I don’t know what’s going on. Yeah, um, so So there’s that. That’s the second week. That’s one of the biggest weeks and why a lot of people I think sign up for this program. Week Three is this. This is exciting. It helps you to develop your own unique signature curriculum. So you learn my kind of simple structure for designing your own signature curriculum, which Just something that I wish I would have had never was taught this. And this was the hardest thing for me when I first started my group, so those of you that tuned in to the last pot podcast, you know, six years ago and my husband was on his essential Lee, his deathbed, when he got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, eventually, they figured it out and got him the right medication. But, um, you know, I was also in process of as I was faceful thing for him, filling my first group program. And I was starting to try to come up with the material to teach this program. And I would like get, I would be like a deer in headlights, I would like I had no idea. Okay, I could fill the group, I could get people on board, I could map out what we’re going to do in the program, but then I couldn’t create the curriculum, and I would just get I was like, Frozen, from what I call frozen entrepreneurial syndrome, you know, and so yeah, right. And this is about, you know, having a framework and a structure, again, not a cookie cutter approach. But that will help you not take hours and hours and hours and not have any kind of structure to create your own signature curriculum. So that’s huge.


That is huge. Once you know how to do that. What’s cool is then you just you can rinse and repeat. You’re like, Oh, I actually want it to be this other way. So but you have like scaffolding to build out.


Oh, good. Now, you know, my retreats that took like, you know, weeks to create before I can create literally in like, a day or two, you know, it’s just, it’s amazing. So it’s a skill, you have to be taught these things, right. Like you were talking, you and I were talking earlier about the weak, strong and safe communities. That’s a skill that you learn. It’s not inherent that we all have that. We need to learn these skills, right?


Absolutely. Yeah. People ask me all the time, like how, Oh, it’s so great that you’re doing that, how do you do that, or, I don’t know if I could do that. It’s, it’s almost like this idea that you have this magical gift or you don’t write the whole space, we’re a group and, and although we each do have our own magic that we bring to our space folding, it’s definitely a skill that you can learn.


Absolutely, it is week four, module four, this is a more experiential module, I love this. And again, it’s something you’re not going to get in your typical online training course. It is all about cultivating Queen confidence and amplifying your voice. So this is about learning different embodiment and voice activation techniques to help you powerfully and confidently hold space for your groups. And I work a lot with this archetype of the uninhibited Queen, and, you know, putting her on, so that we can release her in perfectionism and boost our self assurance while we’re facilitating and fully owning ourselves, our self worth and who you know, the unique brilliance that we all have inside of ourselves, as we’re holding that powerful and transformative space for our community. So that’s a fun experience module.


Oh my gosh, Ashley, who else in the world is like teaching you to put your crown on? yet see it, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Cuz we’re gonna actually now There it is. She’s wearing.


I love it. Um, yeah, and I’m just gonna keep it on now. So um, yeah, and I didn’t mention this yet. But we have incredible guests, mass of guests, mentors that come into each of these modules. So I have the, the the kind of foundational training for these modules. And then we have some really incredible guest mentors that come in blue is one of those people who will actually come in at the very beginning of the program, supporting around financial fitness and, you know, money mindset to help really get that foundation in. But during this module, we have a voice amplification coach Sahar has, who will come in and be, you know, supporting us around how to actually use our voice and another embodiment coach as well. So, um, you know, it’s just, you know, you get these kind of bonus pre recorded mini trainings on top of the foundational trainings that we teach. And then yeah, and week five, this is all about marketing. This is all about film. Those offerings like how do you actually feel them right and learning how to do that confidently, authentically pleasurably from a place of authentic service, rather than feeling like that used car salesman. So you’ll learn how to in that module, how to deliver a call to action or an invitation to work with you from that place of, you know, total strength, ground authenticity, and to fill your groups organically year after year. And we also offer a launch calendar sample launch calendar so that you have a clear timeline for filling your groups as well. So that’s pretty great. And then my, probably my favorite module of the course, is the final module, which is mastering energetic hygiene strategies. So what is energetic hygiene? This is about clearing your own energetic space and making sure you’re not taking on the energy of everybody else who just came into your space, whether that be in person or online, right? I can’t tell you that one of the first retreats I led here, and they all left. And after that, I was crying for days. And I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t have the tools. And I felt like kind of sick too. And I would go up to trees, and I would like hug them and just be like, take this from me, please. Right. So some of the tools that we teach now that I’ve been initiated, given, some of these energy clearing practices have been able to help to, to not to learn how to set those boundaries to not take on other people’s energy, right and learn how to brown manage and clear our inner Jetix. before, during and after our events to avoid burning out, which I believe is the key piece every advanced facilitator needs to know for sustainable business. And we basically empower you to create and dial in your own energy clearing routine, to take yourself through every time you lead a class event retreat or group. So that’s just a really cool module, we have some really rad guests with really, really useful tools in that module to help release others energy from your own being after you hold space. So that is really kind of the outline of the course. And in addition to like those foundational trainings, and the master classes that get paired up with those trainings, those are like bonus pre recorded master classes. And usually there’s one to two for each about two for each module. And there are also two live power circle calls in what we call that’s a small group mastermind power circle call. So basically, the larger group then gets broken into small groups of three, and you get to support the other incredible changemakers that you’re cycling through this six week course with and you get to, you know, brainstorm together mastermind together, and troubleshoot together. So that’s a really cool addition that’s there. And then we also have a Facebook group that we go live in and sometimes do bonus trainings in there as well. So it’s a really well rounded program. It’s an it’s an amazing it’s an amazing community as well. And I just totally stand behind this body of work. And I know it’s just so different than most of the online training programs out there.


Yeah, yeah. Well, having been a participant in working with you both online and in person, I can tell Yeah, I mean, I love in person the most in your space. But you do you hold an incredible online space. I think that is not a lot of people do that. I’ve been in plenty of online spaces that did not feel empowering. And in fact about tweeting, but I always feel energized after being in circle with you, whether it’s online or in person. So yeah, and I also want to say I usually don’t go in depth about people’s programs on this podcast, but I just felt really timely and important, and I just, I have a feeling there are some folks listening who just are really craving something like this, and so it felt like worth the time and I appreciate your time, sharing more about it. I’m so excited to be teaching one of the master classes. Money is just, oh, it’s a whole whole lot of stuff that we have around money. It’s so taboo, it’s something that can really hold us back and I’m excited to share some some new and fresh Tools I’ve been using around my own rhythms with money. So thank you so much.


Yeah, and I mean, just to close, like, I really, I truly believe and I created unleash your impact, because I 100% believe that now, more than ever, is the time for the heart centered, compassionate, holistic and creative entrepreneurs of the world to create more powerful positive ripple effect through their their life’s work, as well as through, you know, attaining more money so that they can give back to the causes that they believe in, in a greater way. Because, you know, let’s get real, it’s just much more easy to create that positive change in the world, when we have more money to do that with right so ya know, that’s one of the big, big elements of the why around why have I’ve created this, because it is so clear that our, our sweet world needs for us to step forward with courage and confidence and these events, leadership skills, and take bold action for our missions, and rise for the greater good of all of humanity and all sentient beings. So that’s a big, you know, kind of my wire round. Unleash. Yes, yes,


yes, yes. And to translate it in my brain, my podcast, I would say, yeah, it’s time, the time is now to create a path of your own friends. It’s time. Yeah. Thank you so much, Ashley. And where can people go to learn about this program?


Well, I think you have a link, you’ll have a link right? available.


Yeah, it’s so instead of like saying the URL it’s going to be, I’m going to be sharing it all over the place. If you’re with me on social media, I’ll be sharing it soon. And you can also find it at a path of her own com, along with other ways to connect with Ashley and other episodes of this podcast. So thank you so much, Ashley, since such a good time, as always very nourishing to be with you. And thanks everyone else for going along the ride with me. And regardless of if you you know, step forward and unleash or not I just, you know, keep keep doing the steps taking the next right action and getting the support that you need to get your mission and your purpose and your message out there in a bigger way.


So, lots of love. Thanks so much for tuning in.