What does it mean to tell an authentic story? What does it do for the teller? The listener? We explore this through the format of a coaching session on this week’s episode. Blue guides Danielle Codere as she courageously shares the raw messy journey from hiding her sensuality and spirituality to claiming her beautiful curves, and sharing her deep intuitive abilities. From photoshoots to thunderstorms, from humor as a shield to tending to the inner teen – it was a rich dialogue. Along the way, Danielle shares 3 ways she supports her body and spirit. If you want to hear even more of Danielle’s story, check out her interview on a previous episode here.

Meet Danielle Codere

Danielle Codere (she/her) is the owner and Chief Executive Unicorn of Free Range Unicorn, a Creative Consulting & Marketing Agency that helps heart-centered companies uphold their brand’s mission while executing the vision. Danielle uses her certifications as a Life & Transformational Coach to help clients and their teams build multi-dimensional sales offers that convert.


Danielle’s experience includes ghost-writing high-profile keynote presentations, developing TEDx talks, and structuring revenue-generating live and virtual events. She spent the past 10+ years working in the eLearning space, designing digital course content for Coaches and Wellness Educators, and managing digital and printed marketing campaigns.


They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you