How do you know you’re ready to hire people, or grow a business to it’s next level? Listen in as I coach Rene RedDay, founder of Building Community LLC, around these questions. Is she ready to manage a larger team? Is it time yet to broaden the reach of her work? 

Meet Rene RedDay

Mrs. RedDay has 25 years combined experience in teaching, supervision, and program management. She has worked for Malden Public Schools, NACOG Head Start, Association for Supportive Child Care, Coconino County Educational Service Agency, and Southwest Human Development.  Rene co-authored an asset based, culturally responsive Family Development Course. She initiated, developed, and coordinated an inter-agency dual-education strategy in diverse Coconino county communities.

Rene has demonstrated success in:

  • Program planning, development, and management
  • Strategic partnership development
  •  Community Engagement

Unique qualities

  • Passion for fostering relationships and collaboration
  • A respected voice at community leadership tables
  • Direct engagement and relationships with marginalized populations (FPL, LMI, women, single parents, limited education, youth, Native, and Hispanic)
  • Geographic and demographic relevance to low and moderate-income families

They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you