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Welcome to A Path of Her Own. I’m Blue Russ And I’m sitting down with women who are building success on their own terms, asking questions to get at the raw truth of the ups and downs of their journey. I hope that today’s interview sparked something within you.

Welcome to a fresh monthly season here at a path of her own. This month, our theme is around love. And it’s funny because I have this memory years ago of working with some anti war protests in let’s see this sort of in about 2002. So we were protesting starting a war in Afghanistan. And at one point, I found myself being interviewed on the radio by a host who did not agree at all who was very pro war. And he asked me, and one of my friends that was there with me. Well, if we’re not going to attack and go after our enemies, then what’s the alternative? And the very first words that came to me, were just one word. All I could think, was love. And that’s what I said. And of course, there was laughter. It couldn’t be that simple. Didn’t I have a more practical strategy? And I did feel embarrassed, I felt like I should have thought through my answer a bit more. Luckily, my colleague that was there with me, elaborated. And we were able to have more of a discussion about some practical ways that we could come from love in times of crisis. And in fact, we did many, many, many people came from love, and continue to do that, during crisis. So this month, as we’re talking about love, I’m so curious what comes to your mind first, when you think about love. In the English language, there are so many meanings of this word. And it’s often associated with kind of a fluffy romancey per many depictions and marketing and entertainment, that tell us love is sort of this rainbow sunshine connection. And that it is kind of fluffy and outside of like a realistic day to day experience. In some way, right in other ways we know and feel love all the time. Deeply. It might not show up with the word love, but we definitely feel it our need for love, are crying out for love. We need each other and we need love is required. It might show up like generosity or setting stronger boundaries. It might be a softening. It might be the root of righteous anger. Fascinating. This base, emotion and need that we have, it can show up in so many ways. So as you’re listening, I invite you to contemplate what are the ways that love shows up for you. How do you express it? How do you receive it? How would you like to express it and receive it? That might be an interesting pondering for this week. If you’re up for that

I can’t wait for you to meet this month’s guest Tara is the founder of the love glasses revolution. and her commitment to love is fierce. And in response to a lot of hate, specifically hate aimed at Muslim Americans around the time of the election of 2016. And what is so amazing, and what you’ll get to hear is the way that that began, right for her own sanity, and then how it rippled out. And it’s actually rippled out across the world, and, most recently, has deepened within herself. So it kind of went from within without within. And I think that’s, that’s the way right, we are breathing, love in and out, we’re exchanging it in and out between each other, it is a cycle, and we have to receive it. In order to offer it, we have to offer it in order to receive it. It’s reciprocal. So I’m going to I’m going to keep today’s episode brief, but I want to share a little visualization for you. So if you’re in a place to do this great, and if you’re not, you can come back to his podcast and try this out when you are. If you’re someone who is already like, Oh, I’m not good at visualizing, don’t worry. Take a breath. You don’t have to come up with a visual for this to be effective. And if it if it doesn’t jive for you, great. You can shut it off at any time you’re in control. So I offer this from my heart to yours. Go ahead and take a nice deep breath. Really lengthening that exhale and see what you can do to set aside distractions. Things that you are, we’re up to before you started listening, maybe pause if you are doing other things while listening. Perhaps there are things to get to after you’re done listening. Let’s just set all those things aside, close your eyes. And just imagine With your next breath, just exhale those things outside the nearest doorway. Tucked somewhere safely, you can pick those things back up as you would like to giving yourself a little space, even a little some of it might creep its way back in. That’s okay. Again, doing what you can to set aside those distractions for the next few minutes. And hear with your eyes closed and you can be seated you can lay down you can stand up don’t get too mixed up in the decision just wherever you are, at this moment is perfect. And I want you to go ahead and breathe into your heart. Your lungs are right there by your heart. So you can really feel that physically when you take a deeper breath. You don’t have to take all deep breaths here, right? Just notice what it’s like to drop from the head, the analyzing mind into the heart center of that love experience within you. And this is a space full of possibility. It’s expansive. And it is where there is just generous love available at all times. It’s rather amazing. If we allow it, right there may be places where it doesn’t feel safe to open the heart that is okay. I’m hoping in this moment that there is space or an open heart. And I want you to imagine from this place which is mostly emotion and physical sensation. That’s the kind of information most available in the heart space. And of course the mind would like to analyze everything that we’re doing so as that as that creeps in as that happens. Just take another breath and allow your mind to relax and drop back into your

heart Beautiful and then from your from your heart. Imagine gin, someone, something that you love. And just whatever comes to your heart first is perfect. Don’t worry, no one will know, if you’ve left them out of this, you can do this again, or another being or thing in the future. So just allowing yourself to rest on one thing or person that you love. And allow that feeling to expand larger and larger outside of that heart space down into your belly up into your throat. And see if you can, with your breath, allow that feeling to saturate every cell in your body

beautiful, just keep letting that soak in. It’s like ink on paper, it just spreads you don’t have to push it around or try. You just have to allow more ink to spread all the way fingertips. toe tips. We usually say tips of your toes right? toe tips is that thing. Anyway, the top of your head. Hmm. Every inch. Beautiful, beautiful. And then imagine all that love saturating every cell of your body is love. For you. Love that you get to receive love for every cell of your body and your being. breathing that in noticing if there’s any hesitancy here, just noticing It’s okay. If there is it’s a lot. And just seeing how much you can allow in how saturated Can you let your system be of receiving love. No strings attached.

You don’t even have to identify where it comes from. It just is it’s there for you. Beautiful. See if you can allow even a little more. Yes, yes, yes. Wonderful, wonderful work. All right. And then we’re going to slowly come back into your space and see if you can keep the love in place. As you slowly become aware of your surroundings and gently open your

eyes and pause here. does the world look or feel any different than it did a few minutes ago? Just notice. Wonderful. Thank you for being here with me today. And on this path of her own ride. I would love to hear love. Notice there’s the word again.

I would love to hear if you try this little love heart space experiment visualization with me today. I’d love to hear how that went. what that experience is like and any other feedback ideas? What topics would you like to see covered here in a path of her own? I would love to hear from you. Alright, that’s it for now. Continue to love yourself and those around you.

I love you. Thanks for listening to a path of her own today.

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