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a coaching session with Nancy Mitchell


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Welcome to a path of her own. I’m Blue RussĀ  and I’m sitting down with women who are building success on their own terms, asking questions to get at the raw truth of the ups and downs of their journey. I hope that today’s interview sparked something within you.

Welcome, I am sitting here with Nancy Mitchell. She is the founder of bold beginnings. And we have known each other for a long time. So we’ve had a lot of sessions together, we’ve been in groups together. And I think this is the first time though, that I’ve ever recorded a conversation that we’ve had. So we’ll see how this goes. And this is a grand experiment. As I’ve mentioned, this is a new feature of the podcast. So if you’re listening, I would love love, love your feedback on what you get from this. What’s useful about this? What questions you wish I would have asked, so let me know. Welcome, Nancy.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for being the courageous first.

You know me, well, I’m always like, I’ll do it. If it’s something that blue I’m in.

Well, I appreciate that. Beautiful. Well, I’m going to begin with like a really classic coaching question, which is, what would you like?

Well, I’m so glad you asked. Because something came to me this morning on my walk, and I’m in my hometown visiting for a week. And I was walking, and I’ve been walking every day by all you know, my childhood, I grew up in a very small town. And it’s really adorable. And I was walking around and I going by the High School in the middle school, and just all my old haunts my old house, all the things. And this morning, it just struck me I walked by to old friends houses and just sort of reminded me of myself. And I could picture myself running in their yards. And all of a sudden I was like, Oh, that’s it. And it was freedom. That’s what I want.

Hmm. Beautiful. Beautiful. I love that you’re like walking around in very familiar places. gives you that sense?

Yeah, that really struck me that, as I was thinking, like, what was the core feeling? Of course, there were traumatic things and all the usual childhood. Things are lots of different things that happen. But the core feeling because I was thinking about this town and why is it so special? And why is it such it holds such a place for many people that have grown up here? And it just struck me it was the it’s just was the pure freedom I felt in my life as a child, and that I’ve always been seeking thereafter. And I think I already was seeking it. Just general by who I am.

Yeah, yeah. So can you say more about what that feels like for you? What is what is the experience of freedom?

Well, it feels very much like it’s like a big even when I’m talking about it. It’s like adrenaline. It’s like, feels expansive, it feels exciting. It feels peaceful at the same time. Like it’s not so energizing that I feel frazzled. So there’s also a peace in it. Yeah, grounded. Just kind of just feels like I’m in my groove.

So there’s a grounded piece to the adrenaline.

Yeah, yep. Yep. Exactly.

Yeah, I think I think we’ve all felt that it’s like this. It’s very enlivening. But also, and not but also, within that enlivening is a sense of calm of peace. Yeah, because we, you can have adrenaline, and it doesn’t feel like freedom. Right? You can also feel really calm and not feel freedom. So like the next year,

it’s the mixer is the company. Yeah, yeah.

Beautiful. Well, let’s, let’s take a moment. And if, as you’re listening to this podcast, as well do this for yourself. If you can’t, if you’re in a place that’s safe to close your eyes, if you would Mansi close your eyes, and no one listening can tell if you’re doing it or not, but I can see you. All right. So yeah, just let’s take a moment to feel freedom without having to describe it, or think about it or analyze it. But taking a breath down into the body and see your other ways of knowing Weighing. And just allow that experience of freedom to inhabit your body. Notice what places and spaces within the body, you feel that

maybe there’s some emotions here. And again, we don’t need to analyze or name them just now. But just feel into that just notice that sensation.

next inhale, taking a little deeper breath. And seeing if you can allow in a little more,

maybe take a couple of those expansive breaths. Wonderful. And then now, I invite you to just allow the mind in for just a moment for one question, which is,

when was the last time that you felt this? Letting your mind and your imagination take you to that last time you felt this or something like it?

And then taking a little inventory here. What were some of the elements that supported this? That allowed this experience. Maybe there were things that you were doing or not doing thoughts you are having or not having up there other people involved? Maybe there are sites or smells or tastes involved. And if you’re struggling to find a moment where you really felt this, it could be an imaginary moment. So how do you imagine the scenario in which you feel free

and then again, taking a nice deep breath, just really letting this experience saturate all your cells all the way to your toes and your fingertips. And then exhaling, nice long exhale. Finding yourself in your seat once again, returning your breath to its natural pace, and starting to move your body around a little bit as you prepare to open your eyes. And Converse. Yeah, so what what, if anything, do you want to share about that imaginary journey? Nancy?

Yeah. My were two real moments from today. And the first one I received when I was walking and I saw those yards of the friends. And then the other one was working with a client this afternoon, like about an hour ago. And I didn’t realize it I’m glad you that everything the way you said it, because it just brought it in like I was having that feeling with her. Beautiful, beautiful.

Well, look at that. Just in your day. You’re experiencing freedom. Yes. Yeah, I feel very lucky. Yeah. And I think it might be useful to to just tune in briefly to kind of what is the opposite of that? Like, I know, your whole life hasn’t been freedom and doing all the things you love all the time, right?

No one has not, you know, you’ve been on this journey.

And then, and we’re all human. Right? That’s right. So I want to just for our listeners, and you know, Nancy probably already knows why I asked the questions I ask as a coach herself. But just I think it’s, it’s great to kind of tune into that contrast, because then that’s a really good compass. Right. So as we’re making decisions as we’re deciding what we want what we desire. which is our theme this month? This is a really good way to know even before our mind catches up, right, like sometimes, actually, every time I think the body knows before the mind becomes aware. So things that can, yeah, anytime we’re having a sense of like, gosh, I, I’m not sure about this, or do I want to say yes to this, or I want to move forward with that. And I want to spend time with that person. Do I want to spend time in that activity? Just really being aware of our own sense of a yes, and a note or a freedom? Or not like the opposite? So what what is the opposite? What would you say for you?

I’m very in touch with that I spent decades and I think it is exactly that. It’s when I’m in my head and not in my body. Tuition is turned off and the shoulds are turned on. If that makes sense. The the messages from you know, a lifetime of you should just be doing this in this way. Not in the way that your body is saying like this is really what lights you up. It’s yeah, that’s the opposite. For me. It’s constriction, I guess would be the feeling.

Yeah, constriction. Yeah. So we won’t spend as much time here, but I do want you to close your eyes. And, and like you said, it’s familiar. And if you’re listening, probably it’s familiar to you too. And it’ll be easy to tap in. So we won’t have to spend much time and it’s really just for information. We don’t want to load too much of this. So go ahead and close your eyes and take a breath. And notice, again, dropping into your body, and I know you said it, it lives in your mind, mostly. So you might just be aware of that. But see what you can notice also about how it feels in your body, or do you stay constrictive. This place of shoulds maybe obligation. Maybe some other emotions sensations here. So just taking a couple more breaths here to notice. Where in your body feel that. Yeah. And then while we’re here, one more thing is to imagine the last time that you felt this. So just noticing the scenario. What were the elements that contributed to this? Not a full analysis here, but just allowing into your awareness, whatever needs to be known. And you can trust your system to share that with you. You don’t have to try. All right, just a couple of breaths here. In your own pace, to notice anything else there is to notice about this experience. Yeah, and then let’s really move left, like wiggle the body. shake that off. Then you can gently open your eyes. Anything you want to share about that experience?

Yeah, that was immediate response. Definitely. It was head and stomach. Like from God. It was like it was like a grip. That, huh? Yeah. And the freedom feeling was all in my heart, which I know after that. Mm hmm. Yeah. So it’s only was it was very clear that the minute you said it, like my head blew up.

Wow. So that’s even, like, how great have a go to so even in the moment, you know, I know. It’s hard to catch ourselves in the moment. I think that’s actually the hardest part is notice when we’re like saying yes, when we don’t mean it, or like doing something that isn’t really aligned. Hindsight is often when we see it. But in that moment, and I know this is a better practice for you is to notice that so what a great quick thing to notice like oh, is is my reaction to this? Where in the body is this coming from? Is it coming from my belly and my head is feeling like it’s getting like or is it really coming from my heart space, my chest like is that the thing so because, you know so many times with an unknown thing. If we don’t, we don’t know for sure is that for us or not? But very often the body already knows. So it might be like, Oh, I’m having a big reaction, but where in the body? Are you having that big reaction? is an interesting thing to notice.

Yeah, I love that piece. Because I have, I am a pretty sensitive person. And I do have a lot of reactions to everything. So I love the thought of just thinking like, okay, yes, you’re having a strong reaction. But that’s helpful. Thank you. Yeah.

Yeah. I, so that has me curious if there’s any upcoming practical use you can imagine. In your life,

of course, of course. I think you know, what I was sort of tying it into when I was walking this morning was my business. Now, it’s been a theme, as you know, the whole time it’s been developing, that I always kind of like to do things my my way, and in my time, and when I’m going to do them, and I’ve been for all these years, I’ve been for the five years, my business has existed, I have resisted getting really an a full, like, I only do this one thing. And then that was sort of what came to me with the freedom piece was like, Well, I’ve been thinking about what is the theme thinking about my clients? And what is the theme of the feeling that they seem to get from you? Like, what is it that they’re receiving? And I think what I’m hoping they receive what I think they receive is being seen for who they really are, but also a feeling that they have more choice than they think. I think I learned that in my own journey. And then I realized, well, that’s the thing. That’s the freedom. That’s it. Mm hmm. And whatever it is that they’re wanting to shift, you know, their business, their family, their whatever.

Love isn’t an amazing to how we offer the medicine that’s best for us to

exactly, always. Oh, yeah.

Yeah, yeah. I love what you said too, about being seen. And having choice. equaling freedom.

Yeah, and I was, I was tying it back to because, you know, I used to be a teacher. And I was thinking about, it’s so good. I was having all these thoughts this morning. Because right before our call, I was like, What am I even going to talk about? always works out this way. With us. But I was thinking, oh, what were you really good at when you were a teacher? Like, what were the things the kids felt from you? Because as a teacher, you are sort of a coach, too. So and that was it, that that was my big thing that I always could see who they were individually. And I wanted to always give them choice. So it’s just the same, it’s just the same thing. And I didn’t put that all together until until today. Wow. Just right now.

Amazing. Beautiful, beautiful. Well, I I’m just wondering if there’s anything else that’s on your mind, on your heart? You’d like some support around? Are you feeling

complete? I think just the one thing is is there is there anything that you can see or offer and partly because you know me so well, but even if you didn’t, you’re just this is your magic. That I could bring that more out in my when I’m talking about my business, or when I’m posting about my business or when I’m you know, putting it out there in any way. I don’t know if that’s been completely my message. Enough maybe.

Well, I think it’s, it’s like you said you can’t you are who you are. Right. You can’t help that. The way that you see people, whether they’re little tiny people, people and provide a space for choice, right, like that’s who you are. So I guess continuing to tune into that, yes, you decide what to share and how to share it. And it’ll come. It’s just it’s you.

Yeah, I guess that’s it right. It just being myself. Yeah.

Yeah. And it’s beautiful. What you shared with with me with us today, too, you know, that could even be a thing to share in and of itself is like, I was going for this walk and then whatever you want to share about it. And then I had a recorded call where I was coached. Whatever,

right? No, that’s true. I, in fact, as I was having the thought and walking away should be making a video and then I was like, No, I just want to be in the moment.

Yeah, yeah. Yeah. That’s great. That’s great. Yeah. So you can still share about that experience, though. Yeah, I just really overtly express this piece. Yeah. Wonderful. Well, thank you so much. Nancy, what are you? What are you taking with you? Well,

I think I’m taking with me the freedom to playing that. Just to continue on doing what I do in my way. And you’ve always been such a great sounding board for that since day one. Because I’ve it’s a it’s a theme. And it just continues to build and just to, to allow it. I feel like that’s what that getting that sort of confirmation feels really, really good.

Do what you do in your own way? Yeah. Like continue that. Absolutely. Yes. It’s amazing how helpful it is to have confirmation. And anyone who’s listening. Keep doing what you do in your own way. Here it is. Confirmed.

Confirmed. Yes, please.

Yeah, all the other ways are taken.

That’s right. Right. I love that, too. I love that. Like all the taken, there’s your only you

might as well. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And like you said, the being seen piece, I think is part of how we identify who that is. Mm hmm. So that’s choices. Beautiful. Wow. Well, this is really wonderful. Thank you so much. And if you are listening, definitely look up Nancy Mitchell and bold beginnings. She helps people as she’s referred to through transitions. And you can imagine the beautiful space that she holds with individuals and with groups. So we’ll have all the shownotes and ways to reach her at a path of her Thank you again, Nancy.

Thank you so much for having me. It was so fun. As always.

Thanks for listening today. I would love for you to join in on the conversation by following me on Instagram at a path of her own for more enriching dialogue. I’ll see you there