Join me for a juicy conversation with Sensuality Coach (and Sex Goddess!) Iana Walker. She shares how she went from housewife to dominatrix, from unfulfilled to a life of daily pleasure. And how getting pregnant during an affair led her on her best path.

Meet Iana Walker

From as far back as I could remember, I knew about the sexual energy pulsing inside of me. As I aged in this society hell-bent on shaming feminine sexual expression, I adopted this story of myself as a slut with unsatiated desires. In early 2020, I took on a different conversation. What if I actually listened to this energy inside of me? What if I tapped in deep and started expressing those desires? Out of doing this work, I’ve opened up a whole new life for myself. My marriage of 13 years is thriving, I’ve enjoyed more pleasure than I knew possible and I’ve taken on this business helping others embrace they power they hold within. I may not have fancy certifications and training, what I have is life experience, my genuine expression and faith in the universe to fulfill my desires and yours as well!

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Is it possible to live a life of daily pleasure? Sensuality Coach Iana Walker offers a few simple tips to achieve this.
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