What does it mean to hold space?

Have you had the experience of being held?

I sat down with an expert space holder, Ashley Burnett to discuss. The first time I walked into Ashley’s retreat space, I sat on a cushion and tears flowed immediately. It was years ago, at an overwhelming time in my life. I had said yes to too many projects, and had lost track of why I was doing any of them.

Just one day of being guided and held by Ashley relieved most of the pressure, and provided the window of clarity I needed to make my next moves. Ultimately, through working with Ashley, I starting working half the hours and making twice the money. I know that sounds wild, or made up, but it’s true.

The perspective and time to hear my own thoughts made all of the difference. It may sound like magic, but it’s actually skillset – a skillset that Ashley teaches, and why I invited her on to share some of her insights, and invite us all to her upcoming workshop series, and program.

Ashley has 3 Free Workshops coming up (they each cover different topics, and build on each other – sign up for one and you’ll be invited to all of them):

September 13, 2022: https://blueruss–ashleyburnett.thrivecart.com/unleash-your-impact/5f455e1a683c7/

September 20, 2022: https://blueruss–ashleyburnett.thrivecart.com/unleash-your-impact/630d2d000008f/

September 27, 2022: https://blueruss–ashleyburnett.thrivecart.com/unleash-your-impact/630d2d1700090/

Meet Ashley Burnett

Women’s business & leadership coach, dancer, women’s circle + retreat facilitator and earth-based ritualist, Ashley Burnett is committed to helping change-making entrepreneurs and leaders align their core-values with their vision, become more impactful leaders, and embody their missions in life, with confidence. Ashley has been teaching, leading groups and running her business for 19 years. She’s facilitated hundreds of classes, workshops, events and retreats, and led thousands around the globe in expanding their businesses and igniting their leadership. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband David and sweet babe Quintin, and has the honor of running her retreats at her workshop space on 22 acres of expansive land..
They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you