When I first moved to this small mountain town, everyone told me I needed to meet Julie. Like me, she is a coach and retreat leader. To be honest, I was a little nervous that my new town had no need for my services. But, as you’ll see in this episode, we have different styles, strengths, and populations we work with. Julie is a delight!

Meet Julie Lancaster

Before being the founder of Lancaster Leadership, she walked the talk.  Julie first found her calling decades ago as a rock-climbing instructor.  She helped thousands to look challenge in the face, to be vulnerable, to enthusiastically strive for tall goals, and to celebrate hard work together.  Through finding her calling, she found her true voice.

Julie’s lifelong passion has been to truly connect with people, places and cultures. Ignited by part of her childhood in Tokyo, Julie has visited, volunteered, or worked in 5 continents, 38 countries and 42 states.  She holds a B.A. in International Studies, an M.A. in Education: Culture, Language & Diversity and is a certified as a group coach, Myers-Briggs practitioner, Change Style Indicator and Change Style Navigator facilitator. She has been honored to be Dean of Education, Career Services Director, Entrepreneur of the Month, Businesswoman of the Month, and Adjunct Instructor of the Year.

Now with decades of leadership, her experience guides her practice as a leadership coach, consultant, and trainer. Although she travels around the country working with teams who aspire to flourish, she calls Flagstaff, Arizona home.

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