Alyssa Hall is a renowned coach that helps people gain the tools necessary to develep an honest, anti-racist approach to their business marketing. We dive into what set her on this path (a funny story!), what her definition of success is, and how to achieve it. We also discuss how mindset and racism intersect (Is it your intuition or unchecked biases? Find out!)

Meet Alyssa Hall

I’m Alyssa Hall, an African-American and Cuban mom to a 4-year-old and an Anti-Racism Coach. I work with coaches and other service providers on their journey to becoming actively anti-racist. I help them become better allies and work with them on making that a foundational piece of their business.

When I began this work I wanted to not only help foster better allies, but I thought about my experience with that therapist. I realized I could make a larger impact if I not only helped coaches become anti-racist in their daily lives, but what if I could also make it so that their businesses could help uplift the Black community as well?

With more coaches being safe spaces for Black people, that’s another way to help uplift the community.

I decided to use my coaching skills and life experience to do just that.

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We continue our discussion by delving into Alyssa’s jump into single parenthood and entrepreneurship.  Also, how the “if she can do it, I can do it” message can be harmful.

They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you