A little bit of magic lives in all of us, yes you too! In this episode, I talk with our guest Karli Petrovic about the differences between childhood and adult magic, the magic that resides in you, and your ability to do magical things. We also delve into Karli’s journey from writer to a tarot card reader and how tarot can strengthen your faith.

Karli Petrovic is the CEO and Founder of Cup of Sugar, an agency dedicated to helping everyday people embrace everyday magic. She lives in Austin, TX, with a muggle husband and two goofy hounds, one of whom will definitely be a human in his next life.

Don’t miss the BONUS episode with Karli Petrovic

Tarot and coaching may sound like they have nothing in common, but in this week’s bonus episode, Karli and I talk about how we use them respectively to help develop relationships, as well as when your choices impact those around you.

They’re pretty boring, and maybe even messy, but if you would like to read the unedited show transcripts they’re available for you