A Path Of Her Own

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Ever wonder if there’s a better, more aligned path for you? Ever wish you knew how to find it?

Your not alone. The times are a-changing.

The old grind… hustle… work-and-give-until-you-can’t… claw-your-way-to-the-top… way of life is unsustainable.

Women are stepping out, creating a new path to success.

One that honors collaboration over competition, balance over burnout, pleasure over pressure, receiving over taking, and leading with the heart.

Welcome to A Path of Her Own. I’m your host, Blue Russ. As an intuitive leadership coach, retreat and women’s circle facilitator, and mom living in community. I’ve created a path of my own.

And I’m committed to helping my clients and my children do the same.

One of the main obstacles within this hustle mentality message (that we are bombarded with every single day) is a lack of examples of life giving paths to success.

That’s why I’m sitting down with women who are building success on their own terms, and asking questions to get at the raw truth of the ups and downs and their journey.

Have a listen, and then join in the dialogue in A Path of Her Own Community.

S2 E15 Legal Love: an interview with Lisa Fraley

What if the law was based in love? It can be, as my guest this week explains. 10 years ago, Lisa Fraley brought her passion for the law together with her skills as a life and health coach to create a new service - Legal Coaching. (I was in the room as her ideas were...

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S2 E14 Rest as Rebellion: an interview with Melissa Kelley

Melissa Kelley is creative, nurturing, present, loving and connected - these attributes express through motherhood, friendships, coaching, authoring, podcasting and more. Right now, she is committed to REST. What does this look like? How does she cultivate rest in a...

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S2 E13 Holding Space: an interview with Ashley Burnett

What does it mean to hold space? Have you had the experience of being held? I sat down with an expert space holder, Ashley Burnett to discuss. The first time I walked into Ashley’s retreat space, I sat on a cushion and tears flowed immediately. It was years ago, at an...

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S2 E12 Lazy is a Lie

What if procrastination is part of your process? What if rest has inherent value, and needs no justification? Lazy is a term of manipulation designed to create shame that is causing real harm. Join me for a discussion, and let me know your thoughts!Meet Blue RussI am...

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S2 E11 Business as Activism with Elijah Selby

As you know, I host a podcast in which I interview women creating success on their own terms.   Now it’s my turn to be interviewed! Earlier this year, I was honored to be invited to be a guest on a new podcast called Business as Activism. The host, Elijah...

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S2 E10 Justice and Joy – an interview with Nina Everflow

What does it mean to tell an authentic story? What does it do for the teller? The listener? We explore this through the format of a coaching session on this week’s episode. Blue guides Danielle Codere as she courageously shares the raw messy journey from hiding her...

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S2 E8 – Your Story Matters: An Interview with Beth Carr

We talked about: Beth’s winding life path from being raised by a single mom who had 3 jobs to being a Broadway performer to a Marketing Executive to founding her own branding company Starting a business at the start of a pandemic - and sustaining it The power of...

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S2 E7 What’s Your Story?

This episode kicks off a month all about the power of STORY. Stories are collective and personal. They can heal, and they can harm. Blue Russ invites you to tell a story in two different ways, as a method of processing and moving through events (and oh, are we moving...

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Welcome to A Path Of Her Own.

I’m Blue Russ, and I’m sitting down with women who are building success on their own terms, asking questions to get at the raw truth of the ups and downs of their journey. I hope that these interviews spark something within you.

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